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  • This has really been giving me a headache, as it seems wordpress stats is broken for monitoring sub domains.

    Website setup

    I have three blogs setup like the following

    Issue #1

    Originally I wanted to use wordpress stats to monitor all three blogs concurrently , hence I used the same API key on all three wordpress stats installations.
    But the stats only seem to monitor the root domain correctly, subdomain1 comes up brokenly in the stats, it doesn’t list the topic titles(only ID), it links to my root domain and if two blog posts share the same ID it’ll list it as visiting the root domains blog post not the subdomain.
    Subdomain 2 doesn’t even list.

    Issue 2

    To try and get around this I thought it best to seperate each website with it’s own API and Stats monitoring. So I created a new API and user account for both my subdomains.
    I disabled/re-enabled the stats so I could change the API key, yet even upon changing it’s still trying to share the stats page with the root domain. It won’t let me break the blog off to it’s own stats monitoring.

    Pretty frustrating, as I don’t want make a new subdomain/blog just so I can break the stats off.

    Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • A related, but simpler question:

    Is it possible – or advisable – to use a single API key for multiple blogs on one domain? Or do I need a separate registration and unique API key for each one?

    This is an academic site; as the program’s Webmaster, I’ve set up and am handling admin duties for four separate thematic blogs. Authors will come and go, but they’ll always be administered by one person, so it make sense to have them all under one key. But before I do that, I want to make sure it’s not going to screw things up.



    I am curious about this too as I just set up 1 of my 3 sites with an API key but am not sure if I should use the same key for all the sites.

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