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WordPress stats asking me to login & won’t take my info

  • I dl’ed the wordpress stats plugin earlier today. It has been working fine since; went to look at stats a few minutes ago and it takes me to the wordpress login page. Entered my username and password & it tells me my password is incorrect…umm no it’s not and I tried several times.

    I am logged into my account, only when I click stats am I asked to login (even though I already am).

    If I click on my “dashboard” everything looks as it should EXCEPT the stats section which shows the wordpress login page within it.

    What’s up???


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  • …another note; it’s showing the wordpress.com login page – I use wordpress.org

    Sign up for a WordPress.com account and use that username and password.

    I originally set up the blog through wordpress.com, then bought the domain and dl’ed wordpress.org. It’s not taking the username and password for either one…and since it’s an “admin” password it won’t let me request a new one…which I really shouldn’t have to do anyway.

    Everything else works fine, just the stats.

    I’ll try that but this seems a big mess and really not cool.

    You can’t use your wordpress.org password.
    Notice the name of the plugin “wordpress.com stats”

    Okay it’s back now? No idea what was up with that but I guess maybe there was just a temp problem. All is currently well and I hope it stays that way! Thanks =)

    @hallsofmontezuma – sorry I *meant* wordpress.org plugin…the .com login screen must have had me thinking .com

    But neither of my passwords were working; seems to have resolved itself though =)

    I have a wordpress.com account and I can’t get this to work on my wordpress.org blog. I log in and nothing happens, the browser just empties the username and password fields.

    Does this plugin take a while to start working? Thanks.

    The wordpress.com stats plugin should work immediately provided you have a wordpress.com (not wordpress.org) account, have entered your key and added your site.
    Try clearing your browser cache, cookies, etc.

    That worked—Thanks HOM, I should have thought of that. I watched the Padres play an 18 inning baseball game today and it must have addled my brain!

    That pesky browser cache, it will really get after you!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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