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  1. dasickle
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hey all!

    So I got sick of writing my own CMS's and decided to give WordPress another shot for a new project and I love it BUT...it takes about 4 seconds to load a site that barely has anything on it. Not bad considering when i started it took 12 seconds lol. So I have optimized images, installed and configured W3 Total Cache, hooked up my site to CloudFront, deleted all but one theme and limited my plug-ins to 4 (deleted the rest). And now we come to my problem...First Byte Time is about 600ms :( So knowing that I have done everything from my end I decided to check on what godaddy shared hosting is up to...I did a reverse IP look up and I WAS SHOCKED!!!! I share hosting with over 7600 other sites on a server located in germany (I live in dc). I mean I had a few site with 2000 to 3000 but 7600!

    I think I optimized my site pretty good:

    PageSpeed :95/100
    WebPageTest.org: 95/100
    YSlow: 98/100
    Pingdom: 99/100

    I know I can get all of the scores to 99 or 100 but I would like to take care of the first bite issue which has nothing to do with my good scores. I assume its a shared hosting issue. So before I move forward I would like to know what everybody thinks. Do I go with VPS, another CDN, different shared hosting or do I ditch WordPress and start spending countless hour coding my own CMS again?

    I would love to hear your suggestions and past experiences tackling this particular issue.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Krishna
    Volunteer Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago #

    or do I ditch WordPress and start spending countless hour coding my own CMS again?

    I do both - coding my own site and using CMS such as WordPress. I too find the first option is quite taxing. Barring occasional hiccups, WordPress is quite comfortable for me. So, you know better, what suits you.

    As regards hosting, I use three different hosts. They too have their own advantages and disadvantages. I have my own personal favorite that I do not want to disclose here, as I am here neither to promote nor to demote any hosting service. You may try different hosting services and plans and come to your own decision.

    If you like you can have a look at the WordPress-recommended hosting services (I do not use any of them) here:

  3. Frederick Townes
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @dasickle, tools are just the starting point. if you would like more input, please reach out to me through our site.

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