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    Hey there,
    I do have a very strange problem at the site

    #1 WordPress Updates. Sometimes the page shows, that there are updates. Most of the times not. When it shows updates and I try to make them, WordPress says that there is not update.

    #2 When I try to save things in plugins, sometimes it does not work. e.g. I want to register the theme – ok – nothing happens. Or I want to register updraft+ – ok – refresh – old site.

    I already deactivated all plugins and switched the theme to default. The update-situation is the same. When I only activate only one plugin – e.g. updraft+ and try to register – the same problem.

    I already manually updated to wp 5.6. Same problem.

    I really don’t know where that comes from.
    Please help,
    thanks very much!!

    Here is the health-check-report:

    ### wp-core ###
    version: 5.6
    site_language: de_DE
    user_language: de_DE
    timezone: Europe/Vienna
    permalink: undefined
    https_status: false
    multisite: false
    user_registration: 0
    blog_public: 0
    default_comment_status: closed
    environment_type: production
    user_count: 5
    dotorg_communication: true
    ### wp-paths-sizes ###
    wordpress_path: /homepages/13/d180362090/htdocs/koestler-fotografie
    wordpress_size: 463,16 MB (485662926 bytes)
    uploads_path: /homepages/13/d180362090/htdocs/koestler-fotografie/wp-content/uploads
    uploads_size: 127,95 MB (134166762 bytes)
    themes_path: /homepages/13/d180362090/htdocs/koestler-fotografie/wp-content/themes
    themes_size: 20,82 MB (21834109 bytes)
    plugins_path: /homepages/13/d180362090/htdocs/koestler-fotografie/wp-content/plugins
    plugins_size: 127,30 MB (133487478 bytes)
    database_size: 11,38 MB (11927552 bytes)
    total_size: 750,62 MB (787078827 bytes)
    ### wp-active-theme ###
    name: The7 (dt-the7)
    version: 7.7.7
    author: Dream-Theme
    parent_theme: none
    theme_features: core-block-patterns, menus, automatic-feed-links, post-thumbnails, title-tag, align-wide, responsive-embeds, wp-block-styles, editor-styles, editor-style, editor-color-palette, presscore-modules, widgets
    theme_path: /homepages/13/d180362090/htdocs/koestler-fotografie/wp-content/themes/dt-the7
    auto_update: Deaktiviert
    ### wp-themes-inactive (1) ###
    Twenty Twenty: version: 1.2, author: WordPress-Team (latest version: 1.6), Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    ### wp-plugins-active (17) ###
    Admin Menu Editor: version: 1.9.5, author: Janis Elsts (latest version: 1.9.8), Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    Caldera Forms: version: 1.9.3, author: Caldera Forms, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    Caldera Forms Anti Spam: version: 0.3, author: Yoohoo Plugins, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    Classic Editor: version: 1.6, author: WordPress Contributors, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    Custom Post Type UI: version: 1.8.2, author: WebDevStudios, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    Disable REST API: version: 1.5.1, author: Dave McHale, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    Disable XML-RPC Pingback: version: 1.2.1, author: Samuel Aguilera, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    Easy Updates Manager: version: 9.0.7, author: Easy Updates Manager Team, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    Enable jQuery Migrate Helper: version: 1.3.0, author: The WordPress Team, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    Essential Grid: version: 3.0.9, author: ThemePunch (latest version: 3.0.10), Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    FileBird Lite: version: 4.3.1, author: Ninja Team, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    Photography Management: version: 4.5.8, author: Codeneric, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    The7 Elements: version: 2.3.1, author: Dream-Theme, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    The7 Slider Revolution: version: 6.2.2, author: ThemePunch, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    The7 Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder: version: 3.19.4, author: Brainstorm Force (latest version: 3.19.8), Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    The7 WPBakery Page Builder: version: 6.1, author: Michael M - (latest version: 6.5), Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore: version:, author: UpdraftPlus.Com, DavidAnderson (latest version:, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    ### wp-plugins-inactive (3) ###
    GDPR Cookie Consent: version: 1.9.5, author: WebToffee, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    GDPR Cookie Consent Banner: version: 2.3.15, author: termly, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    Wordfence Security: version: 7.4.14, author: Wordfence, Automatische Aktualisierungen deaktiviert
    ### wp-media ###
    image_editor: WP_Image_Editor_GD
    imagick_module_version: Nicht verfügbar
    imagemagick_version: Nicht verfügbar
    file_uploads: File uploads is turned off
    post_max_size: 64M
    upload_max_filesize: 64M
    max_effective_size: 64 MB
    max_file_uploads: 20
    gd_version: 2.2.5
    ghostscript_version: 9.27
    ### wp-server ###
    server_architecture: Linux 4.4.236-icpu-055 x86_64
    httpd_software: Apache
    php_version: 7.4.13 64bit
    php_sapi: cgi-fcgi
    max_input_variables: 5000
    time_limit: 50000
    memory_limit: -1
    max_input_time: -1
    upload_max_filesize: 64M
    php_post_max_size: 64M
    curl_version: 7.64.0 OpenSSL/1.1.1d
    suhosin: false
    imagick_availability: false
    pretty_permalinks: true
    ### wp-database ###
    extension: mysqli
    server_version: 5.7.30-log
    client_version: mysqlnd 7.4.13
    ### wp-constants ###
    WP_CONTENT_DIR: /homepages/13/d180362090/htdocs/koestler-fotografie/wp-content
    WP_PLUGIN_DIR: /homepages/13/d180362090/htdocs/koestler-fotografie/wp-content/plugins
    WP_DEBUG: false
    WP_DEBUG_LOG: false
    SCRIPT_DEBUG: false
    WP_CACHE: false
    COMPRESS_SCRIPTS: undefined
    COMPRESS_CSS: undefined
    WP_LOCAL_DEV: undefined
    DB_CHARSET: utf8mb4
    DB_COLLATE: undefined
    ### wp-filesystem ###
    wordpress: writable
    wp-content: writable
    uploads: writable
    plugins: writable
    themes: writable

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi, it seemed the database was very corrupted; I build up the site again. Topic is closed.

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