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  • Is there some kind of plugin or tool available to package a part of an WordPress instance and transfer it to another instance? This would be very helpfull if a client would want to have separate environments for development, test, acceptance and production. In an ideal world, such a tool would be able to package all content, settings, custom post types, plugins, templates, etc that is needed for a release of the application but would not overwrite content + existing settings on the environment it is being transfered to (production or so).

    A lot of high(er) end CMS products offer functionality for a multi environment scenario where new versions of the application are being built on a specific environment and then being propagated to the other environments. The handling of all exceptions in such a process can be quite complex. In my personal experience, I’ve never seen a tool that covers 100% of the exceptions but there are tools that will make life a lot easier for you. Is there such a tool for WordPress?


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