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    Thunderbird email integration

    Use email program for sms logging, storage, and templates.
    Integrate with organisation communications.
    Jump from initial use of sms to email communications with customers.

    Contact Thunderbird and provide instructions of how to use the email program with the sms plugin. Probably can do it without needing to write code.

    Very easy to do.

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  • Plugin Author Mostafa Soufi


    It’s a strange. how?



    Hi Mostafa Soufi (@mostafas1990),

    Method 1;
    Like the “postie” plugin, which looks at an email address, and makes a new post out of an incoming email.(WordPress can also do this natively.)
    But instead of posting the email contents to a new page, the email contents can be posted to the text editor in WP SMS, then sent, and visa versa.

    WP SMS can look at an email address and send and sms from a received email message (include destination number or group, in the subject line.
    WP SMS can send an email to the email address when it receives a message, and add the sender’s number to the subject line.

    Method 2 (coding needed to write the extension);
    have an extension in Thunderbird that can treat txt numbers the same as email addresses, for management inbox,outbox, and other boxes. And work with txt number in the contacts database.

    This means that the email program, can keep a record of all txt communications, so nothing is lost.
    There is an interface to an organisation’s customer support system.
    The staff, do not need to learn much more than they already know, to be able to send txt messages from their PCs.
    The staff do not need to be logged in to the website to handled the communications.
    The txts are handled the same as emails, so it is easy to make sure that all important messages have been handled.

    Plugin Author Mostafa Soufi


    We’ll check your solution. but we have important tasks in the backlog of the project.


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    Hi Mostafa Soufi,

    Thanks for getting back on this.
    I think you might like it when you see it in action.
    No rush, but thanks for thinking about it.

    Plugin Author Mostafa Soufi


    Your welcome.

    Thank for your suggestion.

    Hi Mostafa,

    Any thoughts or comments so far?


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