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  • The Development team at Lunabyte Systems is pleased to announce the public release of our bridge to WordPress.


    LSP (Enigma) is a Portal/CMS that is seamlessly integrated with the popular SMF forum package. After many requests for an integrated blog with the portal, we naturally picked WordPress.

    While this was intended with our community in mind, current users of WordPress that are looking for a forum integration can greatly benefit from this adaptation.

    The possibilities are endless, and either the portal or WordPress can be your “main site”. It all comes down to how you set it up and theme it.

    We also include a simple plugin file (only needed to be ran once) for adding existing WordPress users to the member tables for LSP. We recommend existing WordPress users make a test installation of the two together, to get used to playing with the combination before actually using it on their live site.

    WordPress updates are eno different than with WordPress alone, as this makes use of the WordPress plugin feature. Once the programs are bridged, all logins, profiles, and registrations are handled through the portal. Moving existing users is simple, and only takes a minute. Once moved they can log in, without any other intervention, as they normally would.

    We also have ensured that in case of emergency, that your main admin account is not affected by the bridge.

    The way it’s used is up to the individual users choice, as any portal features can be removed to simply produce a look of just WordPress and the forum.

    Requirements, and where to get them:

    The basics —

    WordPress 2.0 and up.
    (Kudo’s to the WP team, for their incredible plugin API)

    Enigma 2.0 (RC1)
    available at

    SMF 1.0.7 (their current “gold” release)
    available at

    The Bridge —

    LSP/WordPress Bridge
    available from

    Screenshot of the Bridge in action

    In addition, we do realize SMF is working on their 1.1 version, and LSP will be compatible with that in the near future, once they have a gold release.

    Also, most SMF mods work out of the box, as well as all LSP mods.
    Currently, LSP also offers an uploads module, Gallery2 integration, Coppermine integration, and a few others.


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  • Is it possible to intergrate user login between WP, SMF and Coppermine? That would be exactly what I’m looking for..

    Yes, it is.
    We also have a very nice Coppermine bridge, as well as Gallery2.

    Granted, the CMS is what’s tying everything together. However, it is extremely powerful and can be whatever you want it to be.

    I personally can’t wait to dig in and put together something really off the wall, just to prove the capabilites. Granted it’s a CMS/Portal, integrated with SMF, but it doesn’t have to have that classic CMS/Portal look. Just depends on how much time one wants to put into it. With some imagination and a little effort, the sky isn’t even a limit.

    I’m sure there are a few skeptics out there. I don’t blame you.

    Many people cringe at the thought of a cms or portal.

    So, to show a little of the flexibility of this bridge off, I grabbed a theme from (thanks y’all) and put it to use.

    End result is it looks like a WordPress site, with some new content.

    Here’s a link to a screenshot below. I took this of the forum index.


    I was wondering if it was possible to do the integration without having installed Engima, since I just want to integrate the users from my SMF forum and WordPress together. When I tried the integration without installing enigma, I recieved a function error about is_admin

    No, the plugin is not capable of this.
    It requires Enigma to be installed too.
    (Sorry, I’m a dev for Enigma. Just one
    of those things. 😉 )

    If you are concerned with the look of your site,
    In our gallery I have a screenshot of a site that
    looks like a complete WordPress site.

    It would also open up a ton of possibilities for your site
    as well. You can easily add things to your sidebar area(s)
    through Enigma, and a ton of other things as well.

    As a sign of good will, for you I would be willing to assist you
    in fully implementing this, in return for your feedback.
    Helping with your theme, and getting it rolling.

    I’m “experimenting” with this now and hit a ‘wall’.

    I’ve got a solid WordPress 2 installation that has been running a while and I downloaded and installed the SMF version1.0.7 last night and it was working (I guess – I mean it looked alright)…so then I followed the instructions for installing Enigma 2.0(Rc1) and now I’m flat up against a “Fatal Error”

    I posted all the details at the SMF forums (as advised in the documentation – yet no one has a clue or has responded…anyone here help out?

    problem detailed below…


    I saw a post in the wordpress forums about a bridge between WordPress and SMF (Enigma2…etc).

    So I took my exisiting WordPress 2.02 install which is still working great. Installed SMF 1.0.7 into a /forum directory. Then followed the (well detailed) instructions to install Enigma2 on top of SMF (1.0.7).

    After running the install routine I’m presented with a screen that shows an Enigma 2 header; a couple of SMF info boxes (user info on the left, news box on the right; with the Search field below left and “Key Stats” below right) then a error line which reads…

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: menu() in /home/httpd/vhosts/ : eval()’d code on line 329”

    So I looked up line “329” in Sources/Load.php and it reads…

    // Hacker… you can’t see this topic, I’ll tell you that. (but moderators can!)

    followed by this line of code
    if (!empty($board_info[‘error’]) && !($board_info[‘error’] == ‘access’ && $user_info[‘is_mod’]))

    So my questions are:

    Did I get this error because I had an empty SMF forum? (no posts)
    Is there likely something I did incorrectly in the installation? (I can’t imagine what I triple-checked the instructions)

    I realize I’m not complete with the Bridging of WordPress (there is still a couple of other steps to go – but this looks like a “showstopper” and I need to know to decide whether to just wipe it all out and start over – or if I can fix this somehow…

    anyone know what happened?

    thanks in advance…

    Does this work w/ WordPress MU?

    dmry: i installed your plugin and the smf functions work (calling smf forum info to wp) but when a user is logged into wp and then goes to the smf forum they aren’t logged in 🙁

    dmry: I have installed the plugin but it doesn’t sync up. what things should I look for when troubleshooting? I have copied the Settings.php over to the proper folder but when I login in smf, it doesn’t log into smf. but when I look in teh smf_members table, I see that the account that I created in wp is there. any comments?


    Good Project .. And Good Plugin. Special Thx For Your working. I woluld be use this plugin..

    MyDooM :

    Do any of these import current WP users into smf?

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