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  • Hello,
    I can find lots of answers on how to speed up WordPress, but my problem is only happening on my computer (in both Chrome and Firefox).
    1) The backend loads fast, front end very slow (30sec, 60 sec or more))
    2) My favicon doesn’t show up on front end page in Chrome, but it shows up in Firefox(theme developer’s favicon shows up)
    3) when I use another computer everything loads fast.
    4) Other websites(WordPress or any other)load fine on my computer.
    5) I virus check my machine regularly and my internet provider speed is fine.
    This is the site
    Any suggestions are appreciated,
    Thanks, Jeff

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  • I’ve checked on Chrome and Firefox and they both load in <5s for me, which is fine. Have you disabled caching on your browsers? Are you logged as admin on those browsers? Both these situations could slow your speed down.

    Thanks for the quick reply,
    Should I disable caching or enable caching to speed up the loading speed?

    Disabling caching will prevent the browser from storing already downloaded files locally and force it to retrieve them all form the server on every page refresh. Good for coding/developping, but affects the load time.

    Enabling is the opposite, it will store files locally in order to speed up load time. This is what you want.

    Enabling caching might not affect the load time very much. Either your issue is caused my a collection of issues slowing down the refresh time, or it’s one thing in specific. Either way making sure that the cache is enable makes one less thing to worry about.




    This report shows the load time as: Number of Queries:51 Seconds: 1.731 (line 1208), which I think is not bad, considering you have a very outdated theme.

    Also, I have checked your about page that shows a load time of 12 seconds (using another tool).

    In that case the problem may be 1) your connection, 2) your computer, 3) your browser or 4) being logged in as admin. Those are the 4 variables I can think of that are different than when we visit your site (and get a low page load time).

    Thanks for your analysis:
    What about the theme(Heatmap) tells you that it is outdated? Can you suggest a more “efficient” theme?
    Thanks, JB

    This website uses the same theme (heatmap) and it loads instantly.

    Because I get other websites loading fast and on the backend loads fast, so connection and computer seem OK, what inside the front end is slowing things down on my computer?




    What I meant is that the theme can be outdated or otherwise it can have problems because some of the tools I used showed it so. The possible reasons can be either the theme must have been installed a while ago and may not be compatible with your WP and plugins versions, or it might have broken. What you can do is get a fresh download of the theme and install so that that problem will be solved.

    Sorry, I cannot recommend any theme, nor do I discourage the use of any theme. Frankly, I have used only one premium theme and several FREE themes from WordPress repository, and I have never tested them using any tools because I never felt the need to do so. Maybe, if I face such problems, I may test them.

    @eventors, if you want an efficient theme baseline, revert your theme to the default wordpress theme and see if this improves your load time.

    Thanks, I will try that again.
    Yesterday I couldn’t change theme. Part of the problem is when I edit posts or change theme, something was preventing me from doing so.
    I ran several spyware programs, everything seems clean. And, my other sites (even with the same theme) are running fine??

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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