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  • My WordPress site refuses to refresh. When I try to refresh in Firefox it loads most of any given page and indefinitely shows the loading indicator in Firefox until I clear my recent browsing history, then it loads in less than a second as soon as I press the clear button. Sometimes when I try refreshing the site doesn’t even refresh at all, until I clear my recent browsing history. It seems the problem also occurs in IE so it’s not my instance of Firefox causing it. The dashboard seems to refresh like normal but none of the site will load for me if a page on it is trying to refresh. I disabled all my plugins all at once and tried refreshing, but that didn’t make a difference. I also just tried using the default theme but that doesn’t fix it either. When I directly go to a page on my site with the address bar or a link the site loads fine.

    I used to use the Super Cache plugin but then I switched to W3 Total Cache and I remember one of them saying if you disable it, it can potentially break your site, but I don’t remember which one or how. I’m now using the Cloudflare plugin instead to cache my site.

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  • “I’m now using the Cloudflare plugin instead to cache my site. “
    Just a quick note that the CloudFlare plugin isn’t actually what caches your site (still requires using our service by changing nameservers).

    Did you try going clearing your CloudFlare cache or going to Development Mode first? If you made any changes to the static content site at all, you would want to do this.

    Note: Including some tips about troubleshooting CloudFlare problems so you can see if it is us or not. If you pause CloudFlare and the problem still happens, then the issue is with something directly on your sever.

    Seems to be it was Cloudflare, I tried messing with the settings today since the problem was still present and for some reason after clearing the cache, pausing it and then resuming it, it refreshes just fine. After doing all this yesterday it didn’t fix the problem though.

    OK nevermind, I went away for 5 minutes and came back and it’s not working again.


    What happens with the behavior if you temporarily deactivate CloudFlare under settings->Pause CloudFlare (wait about ten minutes before checking) ? Does the behavior continue with CloudFlare off? If yes, then it is actually a server issue or plugin issue.

    Try running a test on with CloudFlare on and then off. It would be interesting to see what’s happening in the waterfall with the service on and off.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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