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  1. Anik8
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi guys,

    I'm a designer constructing my online portfolio using wordpress, but I'm not ready for a public release. However, I need the website visible to a few prospective clients ASAP.

    Currently, my solution is to use the 'underconstruction' widget, and block access by showing a coming soon page. But to view the website, the plugin requires me to instruct clients to login into the backend using a subscriber account, which is a little too much work for some people.

    Is there anyway to allow the website to be viewed via a URL only? Say http://www.mysite.com/preview would load up the home page, but http://www.mysite.com or anything else would lead to a coming soon page?

    PS: I have wordpress installed in the root of the hosting space.

    Any more info required can be provided.

  2. Adam
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Probably it's not the best solution but it should work. Use some kind of plugin like ThemeSwitch. This one is a little old but it should work. You'll probably be able to find something similar and newer.

    Anyway, create two themes - one with literally nothing inside (I mean, let it simply say "site under construction" or anything else everywhere instead of looping through post etc) and another one with your portfolio. Then, using the plugin, you will be able to set the first one as the default theme, and send a direct link to the other one (with portfolio) to your clients.

    Don't forget to switch off site indexing either by "Settings" option in your WP admin area or by robots.txt.

  3. Rod Whiteley
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I do it by using a temporary subdomain like preview.mysite.com, with a static HTML page (no WordPress) at http://www.mysite.com. How easy this is depends on your hosting provider. Mine lets me control subdomains very easily in cPanel.

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