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  • guys im i need of help, i have installed seo plugin, googlenews xml plugin, registered with google analytics, had a look on ismyblogworking and it says it is but not indexed by google or bing, what is going on, i cant think , ive checked the privacy settings, ive been doing this for about 10 hours now and cat see a way to get the site indexed,
    any help will be REALLY apreciated thx

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  • how long has the site been up with that stuff in place? It takes longer than 10 hours to get listed…give it a few days

    hi mate thanks for the reply since sunday, i guess its not long enough, is it normal to enter your whole domain ie and have no results show, is it a wordpress thing as i have built other websites in css html and if i put in the whole url in google it is there within a couple of hours!

    I have several wordpress sites, but one of them is not indexed in Google even after 2,5 months!
    I was trying to remove functionality, to check it, still I don’t see an important issue why this happens. Of course I added using addurl from Google, added sitemap from analytics, nothing helped.
    Newer sites can be searched since months ago.

    Can you please give me some hints what else should I try?

    Thank you,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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