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  • Hi,

    My site is loading very slowly, especially the images. I am using the same server I’ve used for years, so I think the delay is in the way I have WordPress set up. I’ve removed all the plugins I can, any suggestions on why the site is loading so slowly?

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  • Right now, most of the waiting seems to be on whatever you’re pulling from…

    One tool you can use to check the load times of different parts of your page is called Firebug it’s an add-on to Mozilla Firefox. It’s helped me to locate the pieces that seem to cause load time trouble.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I tried removing the Voodoo ad temporarily, and it still loaded slowly. The text seems to load very quickly, then some of the images, but there are a few that just take forever. Also, on many pages, once the page is visually done loading (it appears everything has loaded) the progress “wheel” will continue to spin for a few minutes.

    Thanks for the tip, Pninja, on Firebug.

    Any other suggestions would be welcomed.

    Hi, I’ve done a bunch of work since the last suggestions, however the site is still crawling. If anyone has suggestions I would be happy to hear them. Thanks.

    My site, has also been loading very slowly recently.

    I know I have some large images on some pages, but even my light pages load slowly.

    I’m not a computer expert so please bear with me!

    Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    The Busy Bee

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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