• Hello! I have a WordPress site that loads really slow. When first loading a page it shows a blank white page for sometimes up to 25 seconds before the graphics and images load. The graphics and images then load pretty fast.

    The problem is that my site shows a white blank page for a long time before the actual site loads, which then loads pretty fast.

    I have 25 plugins activated, such as Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, TablePress, Yoast SEO, Polylang and several others which are pretty important for my site.

    What could be the problem? What should I be looking for.

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  • lisa


    Make a backup of your files and database

    1- install + activate health check plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/health-check/
    While in troubleshooting mode:
    2- deactivate all plugins
    3- reactivate plugins 1 by 1 to narrow down source of slowness
    4- try a theme like twenty sixteen
    5- check tools like pingdom.com and webpagetest.org to get an idea of performance issues
    6- use a tool like https://sucuri.net/ to see if you have any malicious code
    7- be sure your images are compressed

    Without a link to see your site, those are my suggestions.

    Hi Alex, 25 seconds of blank page sounds like some kind of php problem, you might have a plugin causing problems. Try temporarily disabling some of them to see what happens.

    There are a bunch of free plugins and tricks you can try to speed up your site in general, I wrote a short article about that here.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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