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  • Getting this site live, having problems.

    Loading had been just fine – never thought it loaded slowly whatsoever.

    Today I switched themes (To Genesis, and its Child theme). I added in Them Test Drive plugin. Somewhere over the course of this all my problem started.

    Where I am now:
    – All plugins disabled.
    – Browser cache cleared
    – Verified slow load times with another computer on different network
    – Host says there don’t seem to be any problems from their end

    Any help appreciated.

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  • esmi


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    Try another theme?

    yes there is same problem here, my wordpress site loads time is 15 sec average, this is really slow with compare to, home page have 80kb and my have 60kb page but loads in 4seconds and my loads in 15seconds, i also minify my css and javascripts, use w3 total cache, dabase table are optimized, i change my theme it to default wordpress theme but no luck,

    plz plz plz help me to out of this problem,

    note site load time is 4 sec average
    and my site load time is 15 sec average

    looking forward for ur quick prompt.

    FIrst your site is too big. 800k, 600k in like 75+ images alone. That’s 3 minutes plus for a dial-up user.
    TOo many Objects and Calls.
    Plus looks like you are getting a lot of content (images?) remotely.
    And the Youtube and facebook objects don’t help either.

    Thanks for your reply, first of all you saying that my site is too big, yes i agree my site is big, 951KB size with 101 objects but not big enough because site have 807KB size with 96 objects and load is 5seconds, and my load time with this same size and objects load time is 19 seconds, plz help me what is that problem causing it,

    competitor site,
    My site,

    and you can also use this tool for check site load time


    Dear WordPress developers,

    Plz help me to out this problem my site loads too slow it take 19 seconds to load, plz let me know how to solve it.

    Software like WordPress delivers pages via the dynamic publishing method. Any software using this type of generation is inherently going to be slower when loading in comparison to pages published statically. The reason for this delay is due in large part to where your content is stored, but more importantly the retrieval of the pages. When someone visits your WordPress site, the software delivers your pages dynamically, producing them as they are called upon by a browser. So basically, the actual HTML pages that visitors to your site see are created on the fly so to speak. It is during the process of generating HTML pages which contributes to additional lag time. These dynamic pages are not stored on the server like a static page is. Another contributing factor involves making changes to your content. For example, if you go into the administrative panel of your WordPress software and add a new post, WordPress goes through a process regenerating several of your pages if not all of them. Furthermore, many folks will get motivated to change out the template. A move like that will cause every single page to be regenerated too. If you take a big website created with WordPress and every single page is being regenerated from a content change, it would not be a surprise if the server slowed to a crawl. So I would start with the hosting company and see if they have any idea what is going on. They may see a pattern and be in the process of resolving the issue.

    HI tcarman,

    i m using w3 total cache plugin to make my site pages static, and then my site load time is become from 19 seconds to 14 or 12seconds, but its not satisfying for me because is very larg huge content site, and its load time is max 5 seconds.

    plz help me to out of this problem why my site take too much time to load.

    HI tcarman,

    i m using w3 total cache plugin to make my site pages static, and then my site load time is become from 19 seconds to 14 or 12seconds, but its not satisfying for me because is very larg huge content site, and its load time is max 5 seconds.

    plz help me to out of this problem why my site take too much time to load.

    You did not like my first post. But it is never a good idea to compare to other websites. They may have a very powerful server, right up front you are behind them. Care to give your server specs which might reveal things?
    Also is this Apache or IIS? Version? What version/implementation of PHP? What Server OS? Many varables. Other apps or domains hosted on same server? Then you can get into configuration. As one example I see many have a dedicated Apache but listening on everything which is a big waste of resources.
    I just ran a couple of speed tests (html only) against your site and got everything from 3 to 11 seconds. So also need to look at your connection to the Internet (which includes the router) and how many hops from the backbone.
    Cache plugins do not make you entire site static. PHP code is still being executed. There are still other things executed.
    Again I must state you are pulling content from other locations. The latency alone will add to load time. And seperate locations is new port connections. Many large sites place lower priority on serving pages called from outside their domain. looks pretty well self-contained.
    And size & # objects is always an issue whether you like it or not. You already gave up visitors on dial-up/slower connectins.

    Does not matter what anyone else is doing. It matters what visitors your site is trying to support.

    Thanks for your quick response, here is my server details:

    Apache version 2.2.14
    PHP version 5.2.11
    MySQL version 5.0.91-community
    Architecture i686
    Operating system linux
    Perl version 5.8.8
    Server Name host
    Lite Speed Installed is only one site hosted in this server.

    yes i am understanding that size & objects is always issue, but when i am seeing many large huge content base sites like smashing magazine a great example we have,

    Its Home page total object size is 1376 KB approx 85 images at a time load. and total site load time 1.9 seconds.

    so in this way my site is like half cake of smashing magazine, and take site load time 19 seconds.

    Hello funorang,
    I too have a wordpress website like you i.e My site is taking 20 sec to load.I used wp_super_cache plug-in but no use of on loading time.I have around 150 objects.can you help me how you solve this issue for your website.

    Thanks in advance.

    Here is a list of things you need to do:

    • deactivate all plugins
    • download WP Super Cache (or anything like that)
    • if you have the Jetpack plugin, delete it. It causes lots of problems.

    If that didn’t work, are you having some errors sometimes that show up on the top of the screen? If so, tell me, and exactly what is written there.

    I had this problem a long time ago and then I put a piece of code on a file and then it went faster. But now I forgot the code.

    I will try my best to help.

    Hello jadeclubpenguin,
    Thanks for the reply.I will do the steps and i will let you know the status

    Thanks ..

    Hi AnJali.n,

    First i was using category icon plugin that is causing slow speed problem,
    i deactivate it and my site speed is bit more fast then i use for checking which element is taking extra load time.

    Using this tool i found some images which is in my stylesheet but not uploaded in server so conitunes server findiing those images and takes load time.

    And a main big thing i use CDN MAXCDN and its increase my site load time unbleavable level

    So U have to check your plugins and activate one by one and check site load speed using


    Its a bit off topic, I like your website and need the info on how did you added the inquiry form on your website .

    My website is and I want to add the similar box type inquiry and get an email.
    I am not using local wordpress installation, my installation is on godaddy.


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