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    I am new to wordpress and currently in the process of transferring my site’s blog form blogger to wordpress so that i can integrate it with the look of our site.

    I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a good primer, or the area of wordpress documentation that deals with this, asides from the “understanding the loop”.

    Specifically I think my main goal for now is figuring out how to integrate the user accounts currently in my site into the wordpress blog so that they can be able to leave comments, etc., seamlessly.

    Any help would be much appreciated!



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  • Hi Lee, I’m not sure at which step you’re at in the transfer process, but I just wanted to include a few links that you may find helpful:

    Moving blogger to wordpress powered self hosted blog

    The New Ultimate Guide to Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

    Move From Blogger to WordPress Without Losing Google Rank (and for Better Reliability Perhaps)

    Specifically I think my main goal for now is figuring out how to integrate the user accounts currently in my site into the wordpress blog so that they can be able to leave comments, etc., seamlessly.

    This is probably going to be the tricky part. Taking a quick look, it appears to leave comments with Blogger you need either:

    * Google Account
    * OpenID
    * Anonymous
    * Name / URL

    To allow your users to be able to comment very easily, you may want to look into using something like:

    Disqus Comment System

    With Disqus, you can allow users to login and leave comments using all sorts of ways, for example they can authenticate themselves with either Twitter or Facebook before leaving a comment.

    Full integration with Facebook, Twitter, and more. Let people login, comment, and share using social services they already use and love.

    Hi Brad, thanks for your reply.

    I have already installed WordPress on my site and imported my old blog. I am customizing the look of this blog 100% to fit the look of my site, so I’m not using themes. I’m just using the loop to display the necessary data and using CSS to style it.

    My site has its own user accounts and authentication, so I want people to be able to leave comments on the blog using that info. I do not want to use Facebook, Google Accounts or OpenID integration. I’ve kind of stumbled through what I’ve got so far reading the “about the loop” section, but going forward it’s not so easy ready through the developer php functions 1 by 1 so i’m looking for some guidance.

    Here is the code I am working with so far:

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    Hi khaos337, if I was in your shoes, what I would do is:

    1. Review the current structure of the table in WordPress that holds all user data

    2. Look into a way of importing your current user data so that all your current users are valid WordPress users in the database.

    Then wouldn’t that cause them to have to sign in twice though? Once to our website, and again to wordpress?

    Ah, gotcha. What software are you using for your site now? Or, are you trying to use BOTH blogger and WordPress at the same time?

    My site is written in php. I am now solely using the WordPress software for our blog. No more Blogger.

    Hi khaos337, basically what you’re going to want to do is setup some type of ‘hook’ so that when your users log into your software, your software also attempts to log them into WordPress. In most software this is done with cookies, so your software will need to create a “logged in” WordPress cookie for the user.

    Things can get a bit complicated from here. I’ve never does this with WordPress before, but I’ve done it with Joomla, and it was a bit of a hassle.

    I did some searching, and hopefully some of these articles may point you in the right direction:

    Autologin a WordPress user in your PHP script

    …so I found the code that automatically logged in a user, which I then added to the top of my PHP-script, and voila, the problem was solved:

    WordPress Auto-Login

    It’s definitely going to be a rough task… but this looks like a great place to start! Thanks for the help.

    Hi khaos337, hoped I helped! Keep us updated, I’m curious to hear how this task goes for you!

    This actually turned out to be quite easy. I don’t know how I missed the section of user and author functions in the wp function reference document, but I did and you got me back on track!

    Just plugged the function wp_insert_user() into my register script, and wp_signon() and wp_logout() into my login and logout scripts along with the pertinent arguments and info, and that was it.

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