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    My client has several sites hosted on Media Temple. I have just launched a new WordPress site for him and I have several questions about the launch.

    To give you some background info, before the site was launched I set up a test domain name on Media Temple and installed WordPress on the domain. The url of my test site is now So I build the site and now I am ready to launch.

    I change the DNS of the domain to now point to Media Temple from Godaddy. Now I wait for the DNS changes to take effect. When DNS is propagated, I go into my wordpress admin to change the site url. I go into Settings > General and find that the WordPress url input box is grayed out (disabled) and I cannot edit the url So I go ahead and edit the Site url to change it to the live domain name Now when I save the changes I immediately get an error about write permissions (sorry I did not record the exact error).
    But, when I click the browser back but, it takes me back to the General settings, and the changes to the Site url had taken effect. I hit save settings again, and this time there was no error.

    I signed out of WordPress then signed back in and my changes were still in effect and there were no errors. However, still appeared in the WordPress url box in Settings > General.

    So my question is:
    Shouldn’t the WordPress url and Site url in Settings > General be the same?
    I also noticed that after the launch, when I edit a post or a page, I can’t view my changes before I publish or update the page/post. I get an error stating I do not have permission to view this page. Also is still contained in url’s and links throughout the site. It is also in the guid where I don’t want it because the majority of the pages and posts are new.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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  • Shouldn’t the WordPress url and Site url in Settings > General be the same?

    Did you follow this?

    Thanks for responding Krishna.

    I couldn’t follow those instructions because I cannot edit the WordPress Url from Settings, I could only edit the Site Url.
    So is my next option to go into the database and change the url’s there?
    And if I do, are there any serious repercussions?

    I have been able to set up wordpress installations and launches on my Hostgator account, but I am having trouble with Media Temple. I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue.

    Please continue reading that document – there are other ways to change the URL listed in the help document – such as in the database itself

    Thanks Voodoo.

    I have read the entire document. I just want to know if I do use the database option, and I change the url in the options table, will this have a detrimental effect on the website. Have you or anyone that you know tried this before. And is this a common solution when launching wordpress sites on Media Temple, because I don’t have this problem with Hostgator.

    Well – in general – changing URL in the DB is the exact same as changing it in the settings – it accomplishes the same thing

    If your site is already broken, all you can do is try options to find a fix

    I cannot speak specifically to MT, I’ve never tried them

    Thanks Voodoo.

    The site is not really broken as in the site is not running at all. There are just a few annoyances hanging around that I would like solved. The main issue being the 2 different urls in the General Settings.

    Well I will back up the db and try changing the urls.
    I hope it solves my issues.


    Technically both URLs should be the same

    However, they can differ – for instance, if you configure WP to work from root, but keep the files in a subfolder

    The WordPress URL points to where the files are kept, the Site URL points to the actual domain used to access the site

    so in my install my WP url is, my Site is

    Now why yours is greyed out is a bit of a mystery to me. That usually happens if code is added in to functions.php in your theme, or into your wp config file to manually set a different domain name – examples of that code would be in the link above.

    Do you see any of that type of code in either file?


    I did not see any code in the files you mentioned that would change the domain name.

    Hi There pbowne,

    First of all, I want to apologize for how long it is taking me to reply to this thread, usually I catch everything that mentions (mt) Media Temple here on but it looks like this slipped past my radar. I took a look at your site and it looks like all the thinks are properly using your domain and not you access domain and you previously mentioned it was. If you still need any help with this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us 24/7 on phone, chat or Twitter. Technically, WordPress is outside the scope of our support but we are often able to provide a lot of usefully information and help out anyway.

    Drew J
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    I found a solution to the problem. There was a plugin called Stray Random Quotes that was installed on my site. I read on another post that this plugin, when activated, will ‘gray out’ or disable the WordPress url in Settings > General. So I just removed the plugin and I was able to make changes to my urls to make them identical and the problems went away. Thanks to all who responded and tried to help me with my problem.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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