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WordPress Site Hacked

  • I need a bit of assistance with my wordpress blog that has been hacked. I noticed this had happened after my site got removed from the Google index. I have taken steps to go ahead and upgrade to version 2.5 but I am not quite sure how to get rid of the infection. The website is http://www.chrissanders.org. If you view the source of the page then right towards the top you will find a bunch of spam links to different drug-related sites. I work in IT an a network consultant so this type of web stuff is typically a bit outside of my realm. Thanks in advance!

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  • I’ve deleted calls to the wp_footer and wp_header file and this removed the link spam from the code on my homepage. I’ve also changed all of my passwords and put the secret key information in place in the wp-config file. Should this be enough to ensure that the site is clean and no longer compromised?

    Check your database for junk and rogue users. Upload 100% fresh WordPress files and directories and the copy of the theme files from your own computer.

    Would you or anyone be willing to take a look at all of this for me? I really dont quite feel qualified to do that nor do I want to make the time investment to do so. If someone would be willing to take a look the files and database, I would definitely pay for the time spent doing so.

    I have had the same problem, and the short answer to your question is “NO.” Search the word “ambushed” in this forum, and you’ll find a very informative thread on this particular spam injection issue.

    I may have destroyed my own blog in trying to fix this myself, and it’s still infected, even though I’ve upgraded to 2.5 and started over. Very frustrating. Hackers should be beaten to death with tire irons.

    Go to your site, and hit Ctrl_U on the keyboard, and look at the html code. You’ll probably find a very long string of spammy crap in there.




    If someone would be willing to take a look the files and database, I would definitely pay for the time spent doing so.

    I will. BUT unfortunately, I just got home from work after a 16 hour day, so im off to bed, BUT if you contact me at whoo ATTTT whoo.org, and provide all the info, I will go through everything when I wake up. (or maybe sooner, if I can find some toothpicks for my bleeding eyes).

    I have good references too 🙂


    If Chrissanders doesn’t mind, I’d like to piggy-back a question of my own here. From my dashboard, if I go to “Manage” and then “posts” and try to use the “search’ function, I get a list that begins with “http://www.amusedcynic.com/wordpress/wp-admin/edit.php?drug-info=0” and continues numerically through “…drug-info=999”. So, the search function within my dashboard is useless, and I have no idea of how to get rid of this. I definitely still have the spam injection problem.




    you can see the spam links in the source of your front page — either its inside your posts, or your theme files have been tampered with (at the very least)

    you might want to make sure that you dont have tampered with files inside wp-admin/ and I would be looking for any odd folders..

    anything besides themes/ and plugins/ inside your wp-content/ directory??

    I don’t want to hijack your thread, Chrissanders, although I think we have the same problem. If you object, just say so, and I won’t post here anymore.

    Whoo….since I don’t see the spam links in Chrissanders’ source, I’ll assume your last post was addressed to me? If so: yes, I’ve seen the spam links in the source, but I don’t know how to get rid of them.

    In addition to themes/ and plugins/ I have backup-f7570/ upgrade/ uploads/ index.php/ in my wp-content directory

    Back when I had 800+ posts, I found around a hundred that had the “position:absolute;overflow:hidden” string and deleted them. At this point, I only have two posts, and I don’t see that in them. I do have some kind of a problem in the themes area….the only ones that will work right now are Fluid Blue and Classic.

    May I email you about this?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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