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  1. mondev
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Basically I have a few websites that I'm selling, and I have adsense, clickbank, amazon etc. on these sites, and when a client purchases the site, I need to update their affiliate details in order for them to receive any revenue.

    So I change the ads through the wordpress admin area on my PC, and all changes show up when looking at the site through my PC. However, when the client goes to the website, no changes are shown, and everything is how it was before the changes. Also when looking at the site through another PC, the old site is shown without the changes.

    What gives?

    My clients are thinking that I'm not really making the changes and it's really hurting my sales!

    I'm using the WooThemes Premium News theme, and I am updating the sidebar.php, astore.php, and some others as well.

    Please advise!


  2. Do you have a cache plugin working? Perhaps the old ads are stuck in the cache and it needs to be cleared?

  3. mondev
    Posted 4 years ago #

    No cache plugins are installed. Also this happened after recently uploading the files to their hosting (BlueHost) and after a recent nameserver change on the domain.

    But when making the changes through worpdress, the nameservers were set to the right hosting (BlueHost).

  4. What happens if you flush your browser's cache?

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