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  • Hi People,

    Hope you can help………..
    I have built a a handful of sites and am now on with another, I am sick of having to reinstall plugins for each site I create and wondered if it was possible to somehow tell wordpress that its plugins directory is here

    this would save a load of time and server space.
    I have spent the last few hours trying to locate a solution but have not had much success.

    Open to all ideas
    Many Thanks Paul

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  • If your sites are all on the same physical server (or VPS) you can get this to (mostly) work with symlinks. I say “mostly” because I have found some plugins that will fail when symlinked. If your sites are on the same machine your could probably also point them all to the same content directory, but I haven’t tried that. There will likely be some server configuration dependencies to that as well.

    If you want to load the plugins directory from a different domain it is going to be tricky, will probably require core code hacking, and I don’t know if it is possible at all. It would certainly add latency to all of your sites and could possibly overload the plugin ‘host’ site depending on the quality of the server/host. There would be serious security concerns as well.

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