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  • Hello
    No matter what web hosting i’ve used, wordpress shows me that the article posting time is 1.1.1970.
    Why is that?

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  • This happens when using the default WordPress theme and with no plugins activated?

    No, Clayon. I’m using a theme I bought and the plugins activated are nothing special or time-releated

    Perhaps my question was poorly phrased. In order to effectively begin troubleshooting the issue you need to:

    Step 1) Apply the default theme that came with WordPress

    Step 2) Deactivate ALL plugins

    When you do steps 1 and 2, does the problem go away?

    Yes, When I’m changing my theme the problem go away.
    How I can fix this?



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    You’ll need to ask the developers of your theme – as commercial themes aren’t supported on these forums:

    This is the date function of my theme. You can’t help me with this? 🙁

    function getDateOrDifference($dt1, $dt2=null, $max_days=-1) {
    	if ($max_days < 0) $max_days = get_theme_option('show_date_after', 30);
    	if ($dt2 == null) $dt2 = date('d-m-y G:i:s');
    	$dt2n = strtotime($dt2);
    	$dt1n = strtotime($dt1);
    	$diff = $dt2n - $dt1n;
    	$days = floor($diff / (24*3600));
    	if ($days <= $max_days)
    		return dateDifference($dt1, $dt2).' '.__('ago', 'themerex');
    		return date(get_option('date_format'), $dt1n);

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    Just to clarify, your theme’s vendors are refusing to help you with their product?

    Andrew, there is no support for this, or you have to wait way too long..



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    What theme is it?

    Perhaps you should consider using a theme that is better supported – this seems like a rather major problem. These forums support all of these:

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    We really need to know what theme it is and where you obtained it.

    For example, the site in your profile uses a non-GPL theme and that is hands down not supported in these forums.

    Theme’s from outside of the WordPress repository aren’t supported here either. But if you explain where you got that theme then we may be able to point you in the right direction for support.

    Looks like you might be using a theme developed and sold by themerex? I’m just going to take a really, really, ridiculously wild guess that it might be the “Puzzles” theme.

    If you are using the “puzzles” theme, then the 11.10.2013 Version 1.4 update, for the theme would appear to have addressed some type of date issue;

    “Publication date display in case of non-standard date format setting is fixed”

    There have been other updates since then. But again, I’m just flat out guessing at which theme you might actually be using.

    I am having a bit of trouble. I was using a previous word press version and my host forced me to get the latest. I had no issues at all with my combination, Word press, Thesis 182 from DYI and events calendar pro.
    After the upgrade all looked good except when I went to a post there was a “Start: January 1, 1970 12:00 am” right under the post header. Now I don’t feel my readers are so lame that the date would be a real issue but I would rather it was not there or that it was a real date from the event calendar if the post is linked. (many are not) Is there some help on this? Here is the post link This is not an event linked post but it could be. There is an event with the same name. I used to make a post then go to events and make a event with all the information. The events all work fine but the posts do not.



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    @cj little – you need to start your own thread – and if this is about a plugin, post on the plugins own forum.

    Because this did not occur until I up graded the wordpress one would assume that this was the correct place. I really don’t feel its about any plug ins so that did not seem the correct place to start. most sites want to keep the issues gathered as to types and this one seemed best for that as it deals with the January 1 1970 date. I of course will do as you request do you have any suggestions as to what the thread should be?



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    Posting in someone else’s thread is never the correct place 🙂 – please see:

    Yes, other forums work differently, but here, it’s unlikely that your issue is actually the same…and it’s confusing (or worse) to have multiple people in the same thread.

    If you think it’s general, you can start a new thread here:

    How-To and Troubleshooting

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