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    Hi, I am new here and I want to add wordpress to a website I created. I understand I need to have a database etc. to use on my mac but if I only have one computer is this possible or would it pose a security risk?

    Question 2
    When WordPress asks you to set up a database, does that mean you need 2 computers?

    Question 3
    Can someone here please explain how to set up WordPress on a mac?


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  • You don’t want to set it up on your personal computer, you want to set it up on the server computer, wherever your web site is hosted.

    Thanks, ok I have an account at “Telus” a large internet provider.

    Do you know where I can find steps or a tutorial set this up on a mac. I have no clue as to where to start, but I do have experience in website design.

    Do I need database software and is there free database software for mac?

    Answer to Question 2

    No. If you have two separate computers for WP and database, then database address won’t be ‘localhost.’

    We are Mac people and give you kind suggestions. If you want, we can give you names for Mac-friendly web hosting companies.

    1. You don’t want to host a WordPress website or anything on your own terminal. You would have to install phpAdmin, MySQL, PHP… It will be better if you just sign up for a shared web hosting plan. Or maybe have your WP website hosted at

    2. Telus is not a web hosting company. They will probably give you some web space at their website. They are unlikely to allow you to install your own PHP scripts.

    Thanks everyone. I understand I need to install MySQL (database software) and PHP on my computer just to use WordPress. I see the links but have a few questions before I install PHP, Apache etc.

    My Internet provider hosts my website, but where does my WordPress blog get hosted. Can my internet provider host my WordPress blog too. So the PHP and WordPress applications are on my site but my website provider just needs a PHP script to run the blog?

    Please explain, I am unsure as to what I need to set up with my internet provider and what I need to set up on my computer? Also would you set it up using MAMP or on it’s own?

    Finally, is there no setting to allow a response to come to my email when someone responds here. I can’t find it anywhere.


    Yes your host needs PHP and MYSQL to run WordPress.

    You DO NOT need to setup anything on your local computer!!!!!!!

    You need to following Installing WordPress instructions to setup WordPress on your host assuming your host meets the requirements.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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