WordPress set up in subdomain, how do I move the published site to the root?? (1 post)

  1. Greg McClean
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I am learning WordPress but still quite a novice creating my first website. I read somewhere when doing research its best to install WordPress to a subdomain which I have done, subdomain.example.co.uk, I have then started creating my website and publishing it to the same subdomain for testing and getting used to it.

    I am now happy with the site and wish to publish it to the root directory, example.co.uk, I have read many articles about doing this and am really confused, also the majority refer to sub directories as opposed to subdomains.

    Can any kind person advice how best to 'move' my published site to the root directory within my domain but keeping the wordpress install in the subdomain if possible? As a quick fix i have re-directed the root to the subdomain so the website loads but obviously would much rather publish straight to the root and keep it as clutter free as possible.

    Many many thanks,


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