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  • We’ve been running a multi-subdirectory WordPress install for a year now, with no problems up until this morning. Out of the blue, instead of pages loading in a few seconds, suddenly pages are taking 60-240 seconds to load. We’ve made no changes to the server configuration within the last few weeks.. no new plugins or themes.. and the problem is WordPress-server-wide, affecting all blogs, themes, plugins, etc. It is not, however, affecting any of the other PHP + MySQL database applications running on the same server. Those are still serving pages and querying the MySQL database at full speeds.

    I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this inexplicable behavior for hours now, with no success. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

    Restarting both the web server and MySQL server
    Updating the MySQL server
    Running MySQL repair checks on all WordPress database tables
    Reinstalling WordPress 3.2.1
    Disabling all WordPress plugins
    Running the WordPress Network Update (this took 2 hours to complete, for reference of how bad the problem is)

    For an example of the current problem, try this link:

    Note: while that blog is typical of what we host, the same 60+ second load delay is present even with brand-new blogs with no content, the default 2010 theme, and zero plugins.

    Can anyone suggest anything else to try?

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