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  • Using Yoast WordPress SEO version with a well tested Yootheme template that has very little customization. The Word Press SEO plugin is enabled and XML sitemap function is enabled. However, the tags page fails to generate. The address of the sitemap is – as you will see, post-sitemap.xml and page-sitemap.xml pages work properly, but post_tag-sitemap.xml link generates a 404 error. I attempted to check/uncheck various combinations of the checkboxes in the Exclude Taxonomies section in the XML Sitemaps area. I also attempted to deactivate sitemaps and to reactivate them. I also attempted to deactivate the plugin and then reactivate it. The result is the same – the page just isn’t there. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Update: the Tag Sitemap now works but required a strange tweak. Perhaps anyone knows why and how this is important. So… All my tags have custom WordPress SEO settings – SEO title and SEO description. These are blank by default but can be added on Edit Tag page for each tag I have. Prior to testing my tag sitemap and learning that it wasn’t generating, I set up all my tags to have an SEO title and description. And I now determined that with these custom descriptions Yoast does NOT generate the tag sitemap, UNLESS each such tag has the “Include in sitemap?” option set to “Always Include”. By default, this setting is on “Auto Detect”, and this is the root of the situation: To get Yoast to generate the tag sitemap, you must either (a) leave the SEO title and description of your tags blank or (b) change the value of “Include in Sitemap?” field from “Auto Detect” to “Always Include”. In fact, if you had a bunch of tags and half of them had the custom title/description and the other half didn’t *and* all of them were set to Auto Detect, then the resulting tag sitemap would only include the tags whose title/description is blank. The natural question follows: why does Yoast WordPress SEO want to exclude tags with custom SEO title and/or description from the sitemap? Perhaps the values of these fields must conform to a certain standard or format? If that’s the case, what are the guidelines? (number of characters, prohibited characters, etc.)

    Hey there… I seem to be having the same problem (or something very similar)

    In my case I get a 500 error on my tag sitemap:

    I have 1000s of tags and most of them have no SEO title or description, but some of them do.

    All were on “auto-detect”. I started switching a few to “always include” but the 500 error doesn’t change.

    I suspect the reason is that if people have 1000s of tags then the file gets too big? So forcing you to include the pages that matter might make a little sense… assuming that’s what’s going on!

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