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  • Before I start with this plugin, I have a question. I’m very new to this.
    The tip box says to change my permalink structure to /%postname%/. I understand why.

    If I do this, will I have to then change/redirect all my internal page links in my pages/sidebar/widgets to the newly named Permalink?

    For example on a page: Please see our “Prices” page for more information.
    If I change the Permalink per Yoast’s tips, will I need to update the “Prices” link on every page to direct it to the new Permalink, or does WP SEO know to do this already?
    I could do it manually (maybe 25-30 links), or I’ve seen a 301 ReDirect plugin and the Redirection plugin (but, this one looks like it hasn’t been updated and users are having problems with it). If I don’t need an extra plugin I’d rather not have one.
    Will the Redirects slow down my website?

    One more question. Will I still have page URL ID#s and how will I know what they are/where to find them? My ‘Share and Follow’ widget lets me delete the widget from certain my pages (Page ID=345 for example) which I need to do. How will WP SEO affect this plugin?

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  • if you’re running p=123 like links right now, yes it will all be redirected.

    Thank you. You are indeed correct:) It looks like everything redirected properly.
    Except, there seems to be a ‘dash’ in front of my Site Name (Home Page only) when I open it in a Tab. I’m not sure how I got that. I disabled the SEO feature in my WP Weaver Theme, as instructed so I can use your plugin. I don’t know if this is the cause. It just looks weird.


    Honestly, this plugin intimidates me a little and I hope I can use it with few problems. It seems like it has some great features. The jargon/terms are new and confusing to me.

    Are there some features I can skip over? For example, I have no RSS.

    My website is small and will never be a high-traffic website (a remote tourist destination in Cambodia), but I would like to build my site correctly.

    BTW, Google Analytics is very very cool.

    Thanks, I hope I won’t need a lot of help.

    Ah, forgot my website link. Sorry.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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