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  • I have searched all throughout for a solution to this issue, and I’ve definitely found a few topics that were similar, but those that were of the exact same nature as my predicament never got solved.

    So here I am, hoping to shed more light into this problem, providing enough information that will hopefully aid the developer into finding out more about what could be the cause of the plugin not recognizing (counting) focus keyword strings that are present inside the content body.

    It doesn’t recognize any word (inside the content text field), I’ve tried different strings: e.g. “girl“, “good girl“, etc. and though they were all present, they were never recognized / accounted for.
    Take note that I have saved each post as draft (since not saving it made it not acknowledge the “focus keyword” input as having any value at all), and made sure that the focus keyword was considered filled each time.

    Let me proceed with screenshots:
    (In these screenshots, we are gunning for the word: “Protein“)

    I have created a jQuery quick fix for this problem, but I realized upon going through the plug-in codes that it would actually be a bit more complex to add it in (& merge with the rest of the plugin’s functionality) than I initially thought, & I don’t necessarily believe in creating more problems for what could have otherwise been simply fixable by the developer himself.
    I’m uncomfortable adding in my 2-minute jQuery fix to a plug-in that is obviously already perfect. So, if I’m going to alter it in any way at all (despite my unfamiliarity towards the code environment), I would like the developer’s input beforehand, and hopefully guidance.

    The ideal scenario for me however, is if the developer provided me with a fix. I would be very comfortable with that… But if not, I would like to be pointed to the right direction. What file needs to be changed? On what line?

    What might be helpful for you to know:

    • The site is a multi-site
    • WordPress version: 3.5.2
    • WordPress SEO by Yoast Plug-in version: 1.4.10
    • Plug-in Developer: Joost de Valk

    Message for the developer:
    May I ask if you feel there is a way for my jQuery fix to get integrated into the plug-in & it not compromising the other features offered by your plug-in?
    Also, may I ask what could be your opinion about the problems I am currently experiencing? Do you happen to have any idea as to what could be causing this and/or what I can do to fix it? Thanks!

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  • I’ve improved my jQuery fix to count matching present keywords live:

    Though, I am still hoping that you would be able to diagnose the cause of this problem, as I think it’s a little bit premature to decide on rummaging through your well-built codes & rearranging stuff, as I want what’s best for the site at all times. I want the developer’s input before I proceed, hopefully he would be able to extend it, thanks!

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