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  • OK, this seems to be the reverse problem that most people seem to be asking about the confirmation email.

    Just to let people know what we’re doing: We’re running a Network with the Multi-Network plugin, if that makes any difference.

    Anyway, when I go in as an administrator and to go Users -> Add New and put in the user information, I click the “Skip Confirmation Email” checkbox and then add the user.

    However, WordPress is still sending a confirmation email out to the user. I DO NOT want it to do this. (the main reason being most people are going to be logging in using LDAP, so we don’t want them to use the password they send, and there are times when I want to add users but I don’t want to notify them yet)

    I’m kind of at a loss as to why it’s still sending the email despite me checking the checkbox

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  • OK, I tried installing a plugin that eliminated sending the email out (called Eliminate Notify Email) but I soon found out that didn’t work as, aside from not sending out the email, it also didn’t add the user to the site I was adding them to so…that’s out the window.

    Any other ideas? Or plugins that might work?

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    Have you tried:

    -deactivating all plugins. If the problem goes away, activate them individually to find the culprit?

    If you don’t have access to to your admin area, try deactivating them manually via FTP or phpMyAdmin.

    Hmm. Deactivated all the plugins, and my test user is still getting the “welcome” email address, so it doesn’t look like it’s a plugin problem.

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    Have you tried:

    -switching to the default theme (Twenty Ten) by renaming your current theme’s folder in wp-content/themes to rule out any theme-specific issue?

    If you don’t have access to your admin area, then access your server via FTP or SFTP or whatever file management application your host provides.

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or phpMyAdmin? Sometimes, an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems.

    -If the above steps do not resolve the issue, Download WordPress again and replace your copies of everything except the wp-config.php file and the /wp-content/ directory with fresh copies. This should replace your core files without changing your content and settings in wp-config.php file and the /wp-content/ directory.

    Note that some uploaders may not overwrite files reliably, so delete the original files before replacing them.

    OK, I’m starting to think this isn’t an “error” though it is kind of misleading to me.

    If I created the user without checking the box, they get sent an email with a link to activate their accoun. But if I do check it, they get an email, but don’t have the confirmation link, and it looks like it “activates” the user automatically. That means this functionality that I want might not be built in in the first place.

    That brings me to the next question: are there any plugins that will prevent the email from being sent at all (that work). I already noted one I tried above that didn’t really work too well. I know there are a lot of plugins that cut out emails sent to the admins, but I want one that eliminates the emails to the users as well, if possible.


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    are there any plugins that will prevent the email from being sent at all (that work).

    Off hand I don’t know.

    You may want to try searching pluginshere.

    Hey – did you ever get this worked out? I have the same situation: running buddypress / multisite. I feel like it was working ok at one point if I added users directly through the dashboard of each new site, but now it is clearly not working. So either I was imagining it before (!) or something had changed.

    Let me know if you found anything! 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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