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    I’m launching a WP e-commerce store (yay!) but instead of handling transactions on my site, the site will redirect users to external sites. Each image is essentially a click-through affiliate link to the underlying e-tailor’s product page. All products on my site will be curated/manually uploaded (its not spam or anything like that), but I’m just trying to get some comfort around the scalability of wordpress for this. Whilst my site won’t handle transactions/payments, there are going to be 1000’s of items being added onto the site each month. Will my wordpress site be able to handle this? My theme is:

    It’s my first time using wordpress, so I apologise if my question may seem odd- I just don’t want to build the site and then have any problems!

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance

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    WordPress is very scalable. Major enterprise level media and publishing companies are using it more and more these days. Of course there are many other factors like your hosting environment, server configuration and code quality. If your not going to hire a professional you need to be very careful with your theme choice. Shopping carts can be difficult to set up and might require custom work to get it how you want. if you do go the commercial theme route make sure you purchase from a reliable vendor who provides excellent support. Just looking at one page of the comments on the theme you linked I can already tell you others are having lots of problems. There are also lots of great themes here for free that have all been thoroughly audited to ensure quality code.

    If you’re adding 1000s a month without removing old ones then at some point you’re going to run into issues. But this is less of a WordPress issue and more of a database issue. SQL databases (including MySQL which WordPress uses) are not infinitely scalable. Keep in mind it’s not like you’ll run into trouble any time soon, but if you’re eventually going to end up with a quarter million products or more, you may want to invest some of your revenue into a more scalable system. That being said I’ve seen MySQL databases with millions of records.

    Ok great, thanks for your help!

    Chris- thanks for your message. You mentioned “Of course there are many other factors like your hosting environment, server configuration and code quality”- please can you explain what the difference is between “hosting environment” and “server configuration”? Thanking you in advance

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