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WordPress running slow!!

  • Hi, My wordpress based site is running very slow. It has about 2500 ‘posts’ although they are actually product listings. Minimal plugins are being used – only CG-Referrer and ultimate tag warrior. Disabling them doesn’t improve the speed.

    The only customisation that I have done that could be affecting speed is the addition of about 6 custom fields to each post which store information like price and stock level etc.

    Is it normal for a wordpress site to take 15-30 seconds to access a category display with this level of data?

    I’ve tried a new host which is renowned for being fast (site5) and it IS about twice as fast but this is still miles too slow.

    Anyway the site is http://www.simplegift.co.uk

    Some of the pages will load fast because I’m using WP-Cache which massively speeds it up). But if you pick an obscure category you will see how slow it is.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Do I have to go and get a private server to run wordpress when its only got 2500 posts?

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  • davidchait


    I haven’t yet found a page that took more than a second or two to load.

    WP-Cache is the only real solution. If your site isn’t changing much, you can increase the timeout to be like 12 hours or more…

    Certain plugins could affect page loads. CG-Referrer wouldn’t, but I can’t speak for UTW. Have you tried turning off pieces of your layout (I dunno, the category list in the sidebar, for example), to see if any piece seems to cause a spike?


    For the record, I just navigated to your site, and had NO problem loading the pages. Everything was well under 2sec load time. I’m in SE US, with a standard 7Mbps cable connection.

    Pizdin Dim


    There have been a number of discussions about WP performance issues. From my experience, one of the best things you can do, if you don’t use wp-cache, is to tweak the MySQL database cache. See this discussion for more:


    Provided that cache is optimised correctly, you can probably expect at least a 200% performace boost.

    If you’re in a shared hosted environment, you’d want to be comfortable that your ISP’s database people know what do do. I know of a couple (I won’t say which ones) who had no idea that MySQL even had a cache, so be aware.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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