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  • Christopher Roberts


    The WordPress admin console of Technology Bloggers has been slowing down a lot in terms of load time lately, and at the moment I am really struggling to do anything.

    I keep getting ‘500 Internal Server Error’ whenever I try to do pretty much anything! Images don’t upload very well, often with the size of 0px, and ‘HTTP error’ warning on both browser and standard upload.

    What is going wrong, is it WordPress, or are the host doing something wrong?

    If you need any info on the PHP etc. of the blog, please ask.

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  • It seems to be an issue related with the hosting provider. I’ve checked your blog and from time to time it does time out etc. It could be that they also have an incorrect WAF configuration, you might need to check with them.

    The best way forward is to send them an email or check the web server logs for yourself (if you have access to them).

    Christopher Roberts


    Thanks for the assistance. What is WAF configuration and is that me or the host that controls that?

    Thanks again.

    Hi WAF is a web application firewall. It is a firewall software typically used by hosting providers and placed in front of websites to control what comes in and what goes out from the website. It is something that the hosting provider can configure.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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