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  • sorry dropped a finger there.

    WordPress functions well on localhost with MAMP. But now I want tot be able to use the blog I just made on my website (

    I uploaded WordPress_lokaal to the server, and got rid of the old website. But now nothing works.

    I assume I have to change some settings, but which ones, where? The last time I tried to change general settings from localhost to an url I lost the entire blog


    Well I think I followed the instructions, changed the url’, and now for the second time localhost is gone and no sign of how to get back at the blog I’ve just created…

    where are you moving it to?
    what do you mean by “localhost is gone”?

    What I did:

    – I exported in MAMP what I assumed was the back-up file (localhost.sql) to my hard-disc
    – I changed the settings in config in accordance to the specifics my provider gave me and uploaded to the webserver
    – I then changed the domain names from localhost:8888 etc to

    Then the localhost (the blog itself) couldn’t be reached anymore) and the website remained unreachable

    I tried to restiore things by importing the localhost.sql file, but got the the message that I had no access or something like that

    Then I wept, because apparently there was no way to get to my pages/comments etc

    Then I removed MAMP and donwloaded MAMP again. Then I downloaded WordPress again, but now everythingapperas dead. WordPress doesn’t start, MAMP’s can’t start a server

    I think I’ll just buy a PC again and have a ball with Frontpage, or is there still hope?

    if you have a valid .sql dump I don’t see a problem.
    do a fresh install at your hosting provider – make sure everything is working – a fresh new blog
    go to your host’s phpmyadmin and log in to the database – click on import and select the .sql dump file

    should work
    let us know

    Ok everything is working locally again (under: programms/MAMP/Wordpress_lokaal). The sql-file didn’t work, but never mind that.

    Now I have to get it also working on my website:

    On that website there is a folder which contains a www folder.

    My questions:

    1) What files do I have to copy from my hard-disc to which locations on

    2) Where do I have to enter what new info, so that the website will function and the local server wll keep functioning (so that I can edit on the harddisc and subsequently transfer to

    you will want the new install in your host www folder for root install and /www/folder for other install.

    This time after you get the fresh install working on your web host, do 2 exports – one from the wordpress install on your hard drive in admin – tools – export (this will give you an xml file to import to new blog)
    also, do the mysql database dump/export (you need phpmyadmin on your computer to do this).

    at this point you will go to admin – settings and change the 2 url’s to what they actually will be when you move – save and do not try to view blog again.

    Now on your new blog at host, go to your admin – tools import and import the xml file you exported earlier – that should work – if not you still have database dump to fall back on.

    before I start migrating stuff I first want to make shure that I have a backup of my blog. So I did a fresh install MAMP and WordPress, then tried to import the backup-file (= local.sql) through PHPAdmin. But I didn’t succeed. I got this message:


    — Database: information_schema

    CREATE DATABASE information_schema DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

    MySQL retourneerde:

    #1044 – Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ to database ‘information_schema’

    I did a new export from local. The tried to upload on through Myadmin. Got this reply:

    Server: Carambole
    Database: DB13278038
    Tabel: wp_users
    — phpMyAdmin SQL Dump
– version
– Host: localhost
– Generatie Tijd: 01 Dec 2008 om 19:04
– Server versie: 5.0.41
– PHP Versie: 5.2.6
    MySQL retourneerde:
    #1193 – Unknown system variable ‘SQL_MODE’
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