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    Can anyone help with this?

    So here are the 2 roles in WordPress… and descriptions according to

    A contributor can edit their posts but cannot publish them. When a contributor creates a post, it will need to be submitted to an administrator for review. Once a contributor’s post is approved by an administrator and published, however, it may no longer be edited by the contributor.
    A contributor does not have the ability to upload files/images.

    An author can edit, publish and delete their posts, as well as upload files/images. Authors do not have access to modify, add, delete, or publish pages.

    Isn’t there something between Contributor and Author? I mean I would need my writers to have Author role, without the possibility to publish. If I make them just a Contributor, they can not upload images,.. so someone else (me) needs to do that.

    Is there a solution for this?
    A plugin maybe?

    Thanks for all the help.

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  • lettergrade


    I haven’t tried any of them personally, but you can try the plugins listed in the plugin directory by searching for ‘Role Manager’ here:



    Hi lettergrade,

    Thanks,.. I think you were right,.. I chose “Capability Manager Enhanced” since it lets you tweak existing roles by allowing you to change all the attributes as well as ad new roles and assign specific attributes,.. awesome!
    Thanks again!



    No problem, glad you found something that works.

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