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  • I have an installation problem that I have been working on for the last several weeks.

    WordPress is installed on the server.
    All pages returned are completely blank — not even HTML header or tags.

    I am attempting to run WordPress on:
    Cent OS 5.0
    Mysql 5.0.22
    PHP 5.1.6
    Apache 2.2.3

    Error messages in Apache error log and settings:
    – None currently
    – Previously, before moving a configured version of WordPress from one server to the production server I would get an error saying that WordPress could not read the configuration table when attempting to view the first configuration page.
    PHP is set to allow 20 Mb of memory per process.
    FrontPage Server Extensions modules for Apache are not present.

    I have installed WordPress according to the documentation 6 times testing various permission levels etc. also testing remote/local install I have looked though the help forums and I have found several cases like mine but have not found any advice that has helped.

    I have even installed WordPress to a backup server running a different distribution of Linux, it operates fine and I configured it successfully. I then transferred the database and the working PHP files to our main Cent OS 5 server and still get completely blank pages (not even HTML tags) back to the browser.

    The server I am currently attempting to install to already has 12 other web sites running, more to be added in the future, with a combination of other PHP-based programs all working in concert.

    All ideas will be appreciated

    P.S. almost 10:00pm here I will pick this thread up in the morning

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  • Please configure PHP to output an errorlogfile and take a look inside that errorlogfile. Maybe errorloggin is already on, you can check that with a small php-file containing:


    only. name it phpinfo.php and copy it temporarily to your webroot. then request it in the browser. it will display your php configuration. take a look for error reporting and logfile.

    Hakre– Thank you for replying. Yes PHP logging is up and running it is dumping into the Apache error log as per standard PHP config. I looked through it again and find no reference to “Alliance” (directory name in the directory structure of this server)

    Error_Reporting = E_All
    Display_Errors = Off
    Log_Errors = On

    I turned on Dispay_Errors (restarted Apache) to see if I got any feedback — nothing reported to the browser

    I can view the readme documentation and other straight HTML pages in this server and the phpinfo scriptlet also works.

    fyi – I run this server so I have a wider latitude in what I can do to configure it


    I am truly stumped as to where to look next. any good ideas will be entertained.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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