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  • I have all the wordpress folders saved, but no database.
    Currently, I have a clean installation of WordPress on my root directory.
    I also have two other folders in my root directory — each of which contains wordpress installations for two other completed websites.
    I realize not having a database for the website on the root directory makes this project almost impossible. But I have backups of all my pages, images, etc. Is there an easy way to copy over content and piece together what I had to get the site back up and running.
    At one point, I attempted to copy over the wp-content folder into a clean installation and then copy over the wp-config.php file into the root. When I access the site, it redirected me to one of the websites that resides in a subfolder on my root. The installation is obviously pointing to the wrong database.
    I’ve created a new clean installation of wordpress on the root. Are there any plugins or other options out there? Since I’ve got backups of all my content, I’m prepared to try to piece together my old design, but wondering if there’s an easy way to accomplish this and not run into conflicts with an existing and unrelated database.

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