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  • I don’t know how this happened, but somehow, it seems that the “wordpress-23-related-posts” plug-in, version 1.2 by “denishua” has hijacked my blog, and I don’t know how to totally purge it from my system.

    When I say “hijack”, what I mean is this:

    If I deactivate the plug-in, my entire sidebar just disappears. Furthermore, only the newest blog entry appears. Everything below the latest post disappears.

    The minute I reactive the plug-in, everything returns to normal.

    If I deactivate the plug-in and then use the “delete” link, WordPress complains that “Plugin could not be deleted due to an error: Could not fully remove the plugin(s) wordpress-23-related-posts-plugin/wp_related_posts.php.”

    If I manually delete it, the same thing happens as if I had just deactivated it; that is, the sidebar disappears, as do all posts but the latest one.

    The only way to keep the sidebar showing is by keeping the plug-in installed and activated, and the same goes for all other posts. I am using a tweaked version of the TwentyTen theme.

    I have gone to the extreme and even deleted the WordPress database several times now, and then recreated it, but this plug-in’s control still does not go away. This plug-in will not relinquish control of my blog.

    Whenever I reinstall it and go to its settings page, my particular preferences are already in the fields, even though I had deleted the WordPress database, so where is it getting these preferences from?

    In other words, when you enter data into a plug-in’s setting page, where are those preferences being stored? Apparently, it is not in the wordpress database. It must be in some other place.

    I need to find that place so that I can destroy this plug-in once and for all, and eliminate its effects on my blog.

    I have WordPress 3.2.1 installed with MAMP Pro 2.0 on a 27″ iMac running Lion.

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