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    Ok so for the past couple of months our team has been trying to trouble shoot this. We believed it may have had something to do with the wordpress theme we were using, but it just started happening on a completely different wordpress theme, leaving us to believe that it may have something to do with WordPress.

    We have looked in all of our hosting files and plugins, deactivated all the plugins, updating all themes, and wordpress versions, everything we could think of that may be the cause, but the pages continue automatically redirecting to the homepage.

    These are pages that exist and do not exist. They all have in common the urls /video/ /videos/ /events/ and /event/

    meaning if I go to “” instead of taking me to the video page, it takes me to the homepage. The only way for me to see the video page, is to edit it.

    Again there are no manual redirection plugins or redirections done in our hosting files.

    This is happening on 3-4 of our wordpress websites. We have not found a solution to fix this yet. Even our hosting providers are stumped.

    Has anyone else seen this before and know how to fix it?

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  • Hello @lpdoffice

    Sometimes, changes made to the .htaccess file can cause WordPress to /video/ /videos/ /events/ and /event/ links back to the home page instead of showing the page requested. In some cases, resetting the permalinks within WordPress will resolve this issue.

    To reset the permalinks for your WordPress installation:

    • Log into the WordPress Dashboard.
    • In the side panel, go to Settings > Permalinks.
    • Make note of the current setting. (If you are using a custom structure, copy or save the custom structure somewhere.)
    • Select the Default option.
    • Click Save Changes.
    • Now select the previous setting you had before Default was selected.
    • Click Save Changes.

    This will reset the permalinks and will most likely fix the issue.

    Thank You

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    Hi @anonymousraft,
    Thanks for the reply, this is something we’ve already looked into, we’ve reset the permalinks, checked .htaccess files and any redirects in cpanel and in the sites themselves for those using a redirect plugin but still can’t find the issue.

    The latest website we’ve found this issue on doesn’t even have the pages Events or Videos page, and its never had those two pages, but if you add those urls to the domain it redirects to the home page, but don’t see how thats possible since those pages have never existed on the site, it should be pulling a 404 page not found.

    Its almost as if those urls are being reserved by WP or something else. At first we thought that it had to do with the Enfold theme as that was the only common factor between the first 3 sites, but each one was running a different WP version 4.8.5 – 4.9.2 which we updated WP and the Enfold theme to latest version but still no fix. Also two of the website are on their customer’s hosting such as Godaddy, the other on our hosting, but then the latest 4th site is also running on our hosting and this site is running the Avada theme and everything is up to date and this is the site where the two pages don’t even exist and never have.

    So we’re still sitting here scratching our heads as to where the issue lies.

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    This is still an issue we’re having with wordpress. If anyone has had similar issues and found a solution please let us know.


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