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  • I never understood MYSQL further than copy-paste from existing basic cripts… and I don’t understand WP queries!!

    There are SO many functions that do the same out there, and I’ve tried them all, no success 🙁 and now I realize nothing works because the queries weren’t designed for that 🙁 and the solution is probably to build a custom one, and although they seem a 8-line script, I don’t understand them!

    Would you write a few lines (I saw them being a few lines only!) for a custom query that “switches” blog?, something like:
    Select the only page from blog1 that matches this page_name” (or title)

    I’d use it then inside the loop, since It’s mostly content, but I’d probably recycle it to get masthead content from a unique page (in the other blog) which resides in a page so it can be edited.

    In other words, that would solve me the whole “alias” or “mirror” pages I was looking for.


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  • Ok, I found this.

    $mainsite_pageid = $wpdb->get_var(“SELECT ID FROM $wpdb->post WHERE post_name = ‘current-page-slug’ “);

    and then using something like get_blog_post()

    Anytime you give me feedback about this, you are saving me days of re-coding searching for a better way 🙂


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