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  • I installed wordpress on one machine, versioned it on github, pulled the source onto another machine and when I load site on other machine, it asks me to install again, such as asking for site title, username, password, etc. I don’t want to have to do this again. I want it to remmeber the installation, but of course since it’s stored in mysql database, i assume that’s why it doesn’t remmber. So if I copy the database to the other machine, will it prompt install?

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  • You want to install the same thing on two different computers and have them be the same, but seperate? That could be difficult.

    My bigest question is do you want the database to be the same for both? Meaning that both sites are an exact mirror of each other, or do you want two seperate sites?

    If you want seperate sites, then you will need two databases and you will need to do two instalations. The instalation process is very easy and really doesn’t take long so should not be an issue.

    If you want the sites to be exact copies, then you will need to use only one central database. It doesn’t matter which comptuer it’s on, just as long as the other computer can access it. If you want this you’ll have to do some reasearch into setting up remote access for MySQL, firewall settings and a few other different things to allow the connections that you’ll need.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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