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  • Hello, I run a website and i’m having some problems with it.. I can view the main page fine, but I go to it says this –> Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

    Yesterday I was logged in fine and then this happend to me, so I just closed the page.. Since then I can’t log in.. whats going on with this and how can I fix it soon. I need to update my website..

    Thank you!

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  • That’s your machine. The login is there:

    I cleared all my temp internet files, cookies and history and then I went to to log in and when I press login it says the same thing that i said above.. “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”

    Any other reasons then my own computer?? It’s crappy beause I really need to update things ..

    Oh, so .. now I logged in again and same problem.. How-ever when I go to my posts on my main page to leave a comment it says i’m logged in as the admin.. Even when I log out and log back it takes me to the same page..

    Unless you let somebody else to try to login… you might never find it out. If the “Not found…” error comes after you enter the user/pw info – then there is a problem with the next page (wp-admin/index.php)

    can I send you the login information and you can try it??

    alright, so I went to comment on a post and I click on “profile” and it took me to the admin menu fine.. wp-admin/profile.php I’m going to try and log out and log in now..

    alright, let me give you the password because it’s not working..

    Yes, you can send it, but I just noticed now you are talking about commenting. Writing posts and commenting are two different things. For commenting people shouldn’t need to login.

    whats your contact information? There’ no way to send you a pm

    I know they are two different tings, but when your logged in to your admin panel and you view your site without loging out, when you post a comment it shows as a post by “Admin” and you can click on profile.. Anyways, the posting thing is the issue..

    whats your contact information?

    Did you try clicking on my name?

    I used the contact form on your blog… When I click on your name it takes me there…

    If the site was running normally earlier, you should contact your host. The files behave very strangely: the wp-admin/index.php wants to get downloaded in FireFox. (In IE just doesn’t want to display)

    If you are sure you didn’t mess with anything, then blame your host 🙂

    So ill explain when the problem started..

    I was in the manage section and I went to edit the post “Miss Conception..” When I clicked on edit, it went to Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage .. and I was short on time so I just closed it and was going to change the post later.. Thats when everything started to go downhill..

    I will contact my host, but what would they be able to do for me??

    Maybe fix their server… ?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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