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  • I just want a simple, simple answer – one which I am not finding ANYWHERE and I am literally to the point of smashing my computer in frustration for the few days I’ve been pouring over videos and forums for answers…

    I am trying to make a website via, and I want to install a theme.
    ~I have downloaded a new theme.
    ~I have unzipped that theme.
    ~I have downloaded FileZilla.
    ~I have signed up with WordPress for domain mapping and registration.
    ~I have signed up for an account with Hostgator to host my site.
    ~I have successfully transfered my new theme to my website “themes” folder.
    ~I have successfully logged into my admin area of wordpress.

    BUT I can not see my themes. I cannot see any themes other than the basic ones provided by WordPress:


    Do I or do I not need to upgrade to WordPress pro for $100 to manually upload a theme?


    What is the freekin’ difference between and, and did I just sign up to the wrong one!? If so, shouldn’t there be some sort of WARNING? </yelling>



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  • Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    I think that you are confusing and is for hosted sites — they take care of the hosting, etc.. You cannot install themes there. They are all there and you just pick one. is for self hosted sties — you need to setup hosting and then install WordPress there. So, if you’ve set up hosting with hostgator, you need to go to your account there, FTP the files, set up the database and install WordPress on their server.

    There’s no need at all to use and there’s no need to upgrade. You just need to point your domain name to be hosted at hostgator.

    I’ve heard great things about hostgator and I’m sure that they can also help with your WordPress installation.

    This post might help you to understand the difference between com and org: and

    However, as a direct answer to your question:

    I am trying to make a website via, and I want to install a theme.

    You cannot install a theme on You can get their CSS upgrade, which will let your custom CSS to modify the layout and visual styling of any existing theme that they have, but you cannot install a completely new theme. No upgrade of any kind allows that.

    Now then, you say that you have a hostgator account and have put WordPress on there. That is the WordPress software, which is free and available from That has nothing to do with at all. You don’t need an account on and you don’t have to pay anything to them at all.

    Since you say you’ve already bought domain mapping and registration, then you may want to contact the support to figure out how to migrate that to your own hostgator-install of WordPress.

    Thanks for the feedback. I feel relief at the information that there IS an answer. I still feel a bit frustrated because there was no warning system anywhere before I signed up and began using about any of this. I expected it would be easy to designing a site.

    I appreciate your suggestion that I contact support to figure out how to migrate the domain etc to my hostgator-install… I think that was the most helpful suggestion I could have received.

    Thank you!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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