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  • This is a General recommendation and Feedback to the WordPress Team how to make WP better, So on the Hosted version there is now the “PRO” version which is cool, and there is also the JetPack Plugin, my Idea is to make & wordpress self hostet 100% the same which is easier for the developer teams behind WP and reduces bugs. Since WordPress is from the beginning all about plugins I suggest to create an Official Plugin called “WordPress PRO” which is a fusion of WP Pro Hosted and JetPack and sell it as a service for a Monthly/yearly fee. This gives users the ability to have it installed by default if they Host with or install it themselves and pay from there if they are on a self hosted solution, that way WordPress can sell the PRO feature to all WordPress Users no matter where they are Hosted and maximize revenue, Users will also trust the official “WordPress PRO” Plugin more and will rather use it over a third party plugins for critical features. I will write now two small lists with features I think “WordPress PRO” should have and WordPress in General should have.

    WordPress PRO Plugin Features

    • Everything current PRO has
    • Everything JETPACK PRO has
    • Built in Data Builder (Basically everything ACF & CPTUI do in one Plugin), maybe acquire them?
    • OAuth, All OAuth Providers that exist and also allow interacting with WP REST API over OAuth authentication
    • Staging Branche, when we implement new features or install/test new plugins allow us to create a staging Branche which is completely independent of the Live Site and use a copy of the current DB, make that test sites available over some other path and when we are sure nothing breaks and we are ready to ship we go Live

    General Suggestions

    • The Blog Era is over and Browsers are not the only Window people interact with, that means focus on turning WordPress into a CMS Data platform & App Builder, Competition is in this area already years ahead and WP will loose here when the older WP Fanbase stop using WP, WP can target a huge base of App Devs with these features who would want to use WP as a serious backend for all their Apps and not only beginners. What I mean by this is Everything you can do in WP over the User Interface should also be possible over REST API including PRO Features.
    • This might be an unpopular opinion but I would suggest add Node.js along side PHP to WP backend, write APIs which allows both camps to write Plugins & Themes in Both JavaScript & PHP, why? JavaScript is exploding in usage and it would bring millions of new Plugin Devs to the Game which work daily in Node.js and know how to quickly extend WP with awesome feature. Also both are basically the only languages for the WEB and they will get along very nice.
    • Dropdown Select on all Plugins where we can switch versions of the Plugin, this makes it easier to fall back to some older versions of some plugins for compat reasons (Maybe take some inspiration from NPM which has all previous versions of a package in the registry), And the same feature for WordPress itself let us go up and down with the version.
    • i18n Multilanguage support built into Core
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    You may be on the wrong site. You are missing that WordPress.ORG is not an entity that has any interest in profitability. This is an opensource project and 100% volunteer staffed. The idea of “pro” has no place here.

    There will never be a “PRO” version or offering that has anything to do with this opensource project.

    The functions in WordPress are are about being useful to users. That “Everything JETPACK PRO has” is exactly why Jetpack and Akismet are WordPress plugins and not built in. They and every plugin here is optional. The useful parts are already in WordPress and that is the ability to be extended via add-ons.

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    So on the Hosted version there is now the β€œPRO” version which is cool

    If you mean WordPress.COM then you are asking on the wrong site. WordPress.COM and Automattic are not WordPress.ORG and never has been.

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    Everything stays Open Source all I said is have a WordPress PRO plugin which users can use.

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    @jeremiva So. What company/group owns ‘WordPress Pro’ then? If it’s core devs, then it’s not going to happen since they don’t have access to the features/resources/servers that Automattic does. If it’s WordPress.COM then it’s Automattic, and they would (rightly) get blasted for ‘taking WordPress as a name’ which is not their place and they know it.

    Which is why it’s called Jetpack πŸ™‚

    It’s an interesting idea to combine every feature in WordPress COM’s ‘Pro’ offering, but looking at … Pro is just the same as self-hosting.

    The rest (Oauth, data building) can’t be auto-included since people have different requirements. Same as caching. We can do some basics, but since people need different things, we all choose to leave it extendable πŸ™‚

    Thread Starter jeremiva


    I did not say built OAuth into Core I said plugin which leaves it extendable. You guys choose to be ignorant all the time without knowing what is going on outside WP world, People stopped building blogs ages ago.

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