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  • We’ve just launched a site for Megalos Restaurant in Kingston, Ontario, Canada built entirely with WordPress.

    Megalos site

    We’ve still content and photos to add and revise, but now the client can do it — and, that’s the whole point.

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  • Very nice, this is the most un-wordpress looking site i have ever seen using wordpress. Nice job, you really made it your own. I would have never guessed it used wordpress unless you view source. And it’s really sweet that your client can update all on their own now.

    really really nice. I’ve only been into WP a short time and can see that WP makes a better CMS than many dedicated CMS systems. Perfect for many uses beyond the blog..

    I would snort a line of coke off of WordPress, that’s how great it is.

    really nice site.

    if i had to find something, it would be the blue underlined links to download pdf menus, they dont really fit with everything else.

    good job

    Thanks for pointing out the missing CSS rule epicalex. Fixed it thanks to your observation.

    Wow, I’m surprised it’s wordpress! Good job!

    Since that got me curious, does anyone know of other food services (non-review type) website powered by wordpress?

    very nice, but why exactly did you use wordpress??!


    So the client can revise the site themselves. We also build drupal sites, but its too heavy-weight for a site this small. We’ve also discovered that the average office worker can learn how to work with WordPress more easily than they can Drupal.

    Even with clients who don’t want to do their own revisions we’ll almost always use some form of CMS. That much quicker for us a year down the road when the client says, “can you add a paragraph to this page and change a few photos?”

    For those that might be thinking use Dreamweaver templates or something similar: 1) client training requirements are higher; 2) Dreamweaver and other WYSIWYG apps suck with CSS especially once you use floats; 3) it doesn’t save any time on the development side; 4) it ends up costing the customer more as they have to buy the software.

    +1 for WP/CMS. I’m building a site that will be maintained by a couple of children. A “professional” was paid to build the base site and I was to load it up and teach the kids. I was given what initially looked pretty. But absolutly unmaintainable without a tool like Drunkweaver.

    Not to mention the gross use of tables inside tables inside tables…. So I simulated the main parts in a header and sidebar. Then created the “pages”. It looks the same but now anyone including the kids can work on it. And I can help out from any computer on any OS from anywhere.

    Even a semi static site is easier to work with when built on WP.

    This restaurant site is an inspiration. The next time I’m in the “Thousand Lakes” area I’ll stop by that restaurant.

    Wow that’s a really nice site, well done.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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