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  • What are the steps to reproduce a problem?
    If you can’t reproduce these problems, consider reinstalling WordPress from scratch. When installing WordPress with a technical format, you may need to edit your wp-config.php file and your .htaccess file.
    If you were using a theme, check with a developer of a theme that is causing a problem.

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    Thanks for the reply . The problem seem to be start around 11 AM this morning , web work fine just as it be until

    1.the post link – cannot be access , when access it will refresh to the first page
    2.the website got some kind to add . such as now it (one more slash ont it)
    3.from number 2 some panel cannot be access

    But in the afternoon I manage to tell host for roll back for last of their back up .
    this seem to be work untill 2 hours from roll back it happen again

    I never have this issue before . but in the last mail from hosting they clain that it appear to be my site infected some virus at .htaccess.

    Now I dont know where to looking for .

    Is your website hosted with a Windows-based hosting or Linux-based hosting? And speaking about your site being infected. Have you used any security plugin like Word Fence Security? I think your site is infected, and you may need to reinstall your WordPress software, and rewrite your content from scratch. Always check your .htaccess file, and your wp-config.php files. reconnecting to an infected SQL database is not recommended.
    Be sure you’re using an updated version of WordPress and an updated theme. If you rely on 3rd party themes, think before installing them. Irreputable developers often miswrite code, and hide malware in their software.
    If you are using a Windows PC; you may need to run a full scan on your machine. Always use a Linux-based machine for writing content on your website. It’s strongly recommended to stop using Microsoft Windows on your computer, and replace it with Linux to prevent further infection of your website.
    If the problem still occurs, you may need to write your website in plain HTML instead. Be aware CMS software takes the guest work out of coding your own pages from scratch.
    Examples of my websites running version of WordPress updated:
    Example 1:
    Example 2:
    Take a look of these following examples, they use a 2017 or 2016 theme from the WordPress themes directory!
    I used a 1-click install of my WordPress installs to setup my sites above.
    If you have affiliate links on your site; always avoid catchy sites that are infected with viruses, worms, and trojan horses,–and rogues.
    Always check if your server has been hacked.

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    @fairy-rider Mysite run on VPS Linux Base Hosting . but yes my computer using window also my team

    from your checklist
    1. mysite got word fence but not premium version
    2.theme is not free one , I buy it from WP-Zoom and it is up to date
    3.all plug-in is up to date except rating widget that plan for uninstall it with in this week

    from your comment about no connect to sql , I think it cannot be possible the site got 3.3 K content posts from 3 years building the site. Is there any suggestion?

    if it possible to just reintall word press core file

    Try reinstalling WordPress, and show me your detailed results. If you can manage accessing your admin; try going to your update center, and reinstall WordPress
    If you were using CloudFlare, you may need to clear your cache.
    If you can’t reinstall WordPress via the admin control panel, you may need to reinstall WordPress altogether, and if you have backup copies of your content; you may need to republish your content in bulk, and it may take some time. Although; content loss due to malware is common for website owners. Sometimes you have to refactor your website structure, and always do backups on a regular basis.
    Example of a website with WordPress installed with 1-click:
    Take a look of a live example of my website if you are curious.
    If you still have trouble, consider writing html content from scratch. and place your WordPress Install inside a subdomain, blog… follow by Since static html stays as same content… and you want to update these files in bulk, you need to be comfortable with using an FTP client.

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