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  • Hi Kilrathy,

    Please open wordpress-popular-posts.php using a code editor such as Windows’ Notepad or Adobe Dreamweaver, find this code:

    <!-- WordPress Popular Posts v<?php echo $this->version; ?> -->
    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
        /* <![CDATA[ */
        //'<?php echo admin_url('admin-ajax.php'); ?>', {action: 'wpp_update', token: '<?php echo $nonce; ?>', id: <?php echo $id; ?>});'<?php echo bloginfo( 'url' ); ?>/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php', {action: 'wpp_update', token: '<?php echo $nonce; ?>', id: <?php echo $id; ?>});
        /* ]]> */
    <!-- End WordPress Popular Posts v<?php echo $this->version; ?> -->

    … and change it to:

    <!-- WordPress Popular Posts v<?php echo $this->version; ?> -->
    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
        /* <![CDATA[ */
        //'<?php echo admin_url('admin-ajax.php'); ?>', {action: 'wpp_update', token: '<?php echo $nonce; ?>', id: <?php echo $id; ?>});'<?php echo bloginfo( 'wpurl' ); ?>/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php', {action: 'wpp_update', token: '<?php echo $nonce; ?>', id: <?php echo $id; ?>});
        /* ]]> */
    <!-- End WordPress Popular Posts v<?php echo $this->version; ?> -->

    Let me know if that fixes your problem, ok?

    I have the same problem as Kilrathy at my site: Supplement Updates

    I tried editing that file and it didn’t resolve the no data issue.

    Hey Jarred,

    Just checked your site and I’m seeing two popular posts being listed on your footer area. Am I missing something?

    Hi Ikki

    Thanks a lot – now it works! 🙂


    Hi Ikki, unfortunately I seem to be having the same problem and have tried the above fix.

    Any idea’s?

    Thanks in advance.


    I am also having the same issue, have tried the above change but no results. Still showing no data.

    Guys, have you read the FAQ yet? Have you checked all possible fixes described there already?

    Yes. I have wp_header() tag in <head>

    Regardless of “giving it some time” this shouldn’t be the case if you are only displaying top comments and not visits. It should show the top 5 articles with the most comments as the data is already there.

    Alright. Let me explain how my plugin works a bit better.

    WordPress Popular Posts works based on views, mainly. Whenever a post gets a view, WPP will register it on its cache table. Only those posts registered by my plugin will be listed. It doesn’t really make much difference if a post has got a lot of comments or not if it hasn’t been cached by my plugin – it still needs to be viewed by someone/people in order to rank as popular.

    If you set Sort by to comments, what WPP does is check all those posts in its cache and then sorts these entries by comment count. That’s why you need to “give it some time” – you have to let WordPress Popular Posts have them cached first.

    So really you cant use this if you are building a new site and want to test designs unless you send a bunch of users there? Any way to import some fake cache data straight to the DB through phpmyadmin or something?

    Thanks for the explanation, and its great to see you supporting this plugin.

    Thanks for the prompt response Ikki, I have reread the FAQ and below is my response.

    I’m getting “Sorry. No data so far”. What’s up with that? There are a number of reasons that might explain why you are seeing this message:

    1. WordPress Popular Posts won’t count views generated by logged in users (if your blog requires readers to be logged in to access its contents, this tutorial is for you) – Not an Issue

    2. your current theme does not have the wp_header() tag in its <head> section, required by my plugin to keep track of what your visitors are viewing on your site; It does

    no one has seen your posts/pages since WordPress Popular Posts activation, you should give it some time. It’s been installed for 2 weeks and WP-PostViews is tracking 100’s of views

    I know I am simply missing something along the way somewhere.

    @techstar: I suppose you could do that. All you need to know are the IDs of the posts you want to “rank” and populate WPP tables. I’ll come back with an example later if you need one. Also thanks for your words, I do monitor people’s reactions towards my plugin and do my best to improve it update after update.

    @pixelmad: Mmm that’s odd. In your case, I’d need to see your site to find out more. Kinda hard to tell what’s wrong without taking a closer look to the pacient 😉 What’s your site URL?

    @ikki24: that fixed it for me. I went into phpmyadmin, to the table wp_popularpostsdatacache and inserted fake data for posts. Anyone who wishes to do this will need to get the post IDs for a few posts, you can go to your admin Posts link in WP-Admin, mouseover the title and it will show you the post id in your status bar. Then you just insert the data like in this screenshot. Do so at your own risk.

    After doing this however I realized this is not even the plugin I need. I thought “Sort posts by: Comments” would rank the most popular posts be the most commented. Doh! That’s not the case.

    @techstar, if you don’t need that much fancy stuff maybe this might be what you’re looking for: Should do what you need for the moment 🙂

    Aha yes that would be a great idea 🙂

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