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  1. Archie22is
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hey guys,

    I have a website that sells accounting software. I have a url: http://www.website.co.za/product

    I then have a Custom Post Type generated using the Pods Framework called accounting_package. I then created a sup page with a loop that extracts the CPT content and puts it on: http://www.website.co.za/product/small-biz-suite

    I want to have now a link that will individually list the the small business suites in another sub url, i.e.

    How do I go about doing that? Is there perhaps a function I can write to overwrite the default pods setup? At the moment I get a link which looks like: http://www.website.co.za/small-biz-suite/entrylevel-suite

    It completely misses out the fact that it is a product - even though it has it's own custom post type. Have I done something wrong perhaps?

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