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    One of the Largest gripes I have about WordPress is the lack of sorting or filtering on their plugins.

    To give an example I need a plugin to integrate stripe payments, now if you plan to use WooCommerce this is simple, but if you need more flexibility in the way products are displayed then woocommerce may not be a good fit.

    So I searched the plugins section for “stripe” which produces 30 pages of plugins!

    There is no way to sort these results, so you have to literally click into every single one and read about them, and dont forget the fine print because the feature you actually need such as processing stripe payments may actually be a premium addon with a subscription cost.

    I prefer to use FOSS products (Free Open Source Software) which is a big part of the reason I use WordPress instead of Shopify to begin with. I am not against people charging for something that they have innovated, but I am against bait and switch tactics where it appear to be free but really is not, these tactics waste everybody’s time.

    These are the things that wordpress should allow you to sort and filter by:

    Cost category: FOSS, Free, Freemium, Premium
    Active installations, WordPress Version compatibility, last updated

    Now I will absolutely get through these 30 pages but not without a LOT of time spent, and I am just one person, if you multiply the time it takes by your number of users you will see that a LOT of peoples time is being wasted. I spent 12 hours yesterday and am currently on page 3 of 30!

    I can guarantee that people will try to lie about their product and place it in a category it does not belong, anybody doing that should have their plugin removed from the listing and suspended. It would not be difficult to handle, you could simply have a report this addon button, and people could report it as miscategorized, then admins can check which ones have been reported 3+ times or whatever and verify if it is true and then suspend the addon in question.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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