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  • I have been using wordpress for last 2 month now to build my website. Although its the best in the market today, as compared to drupal/joombla, I find the following limitations.
    1) As we search for themes/plugins, there is no way to sort/filter on ratings and # of ratings. We have to go into each details link to figure it out.
    2) Its has not been tested for your version of wordpress, is another pain, why show me something that is not tested for my wordpress ?
    3) The Details site of all the plugins are not all good. Some are really good and some are really bad, they just link to the developers site that has absolutely no information on how to get started. For example FoCal plugin, it took me a while to know that it is a widget and not a [focal] entry into the page. Painful getting started, and wordpress allows them to post their plugins with bad documentation. There should be some quality control on wordpress posting site.
    4) Many dont have screen shots, so thats really bad. Have to try it out to get it working.
    5) Bad naming convention, the word “custom” is so misused. On pages we have a “template”, which we can decide with, why cant we do it for posts ? I am using Graphene theme, THE ABSOLUTE BEST, I have after trying out 15. I just cant search for custom template for posts, and if do get something that sounds relevant, it wont work, custom will mean something else.

    WordPress is good, but has its own piece of issues. I hope wordpress is hearing, they should be able to fix these 5 issues very easily.

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  • 1. Work is ongoing across WPORG generally.
    2. Because that’s not always an issue. Example – I’m using a plugin that hasn’t been documented (by the plugin’s dev) to work on anything higher than 2.5.1 Yet it still works perfectly. The “tested version” is informational only.
    3. That’s really beyond the control of WPORG.
    4. Screenshots are not yet mandatory for plugins. That might change in the future.
    6. Are you still talking about plugin?

    1. I am talking about providing a advanced search feature, and a “filter by” feature and a “sort by” feature. Its very important to save a lot of time searching thru plugins. Trial and Error cant be your recommended approach to finding the right plugins
    2. I should be able to filter out what is not tested for my version of wordpress. This is a good way to “filter out some noise”.
    3. The “Visit plugin site”, rarely points to something useful. Although 1 and 2 will solve this to some extent, you should also try to follow some quality criteria for allowing plugins to be added, edited. Some kinda “rating for getting started” will help.
    4 and 5 I’ll rest my case, get the above fixed, I am sure you will continue to stay ahead in the competition.

    And I say all this because wordpress just rocks.. A great job u guys do.. Keep it up.

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    1. It’s on the to-do list for plugins.

    2. Given that ‘tested versions’ are a wibbly wobbly science, maybe. It’s not enough bang for the buck when looking up plugins.

    3. Documentation is up to the developer who made the plugin. If it sucks, don’t use the plugin. That’s how it’ll always work.

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