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    I only have 4 plugins ( Akismet, Hello Dolly, MCE Table Button, and Slim Jetpack ). All of them are up to date, yet my dashboard kept having this update count stuck at 1.

    Any advice on how to fix this?

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  • re-installing wordpress fix the problem

    after installing a new plugin, the counter stuck again on 1 update available, but all of them are up to date.

    should i really do re-install every time I add a new plugin?

    * theme specific issue

    My website has this problem.
    The admin bar shows 1 plugin update required.
    The left admin navbar shows a red 1 against Updates and against Plugins.

    I have a lot of plugins installed (not all are currently activated).
    But they are all uptodate.

    I tried activating a different theme and the problem persisted.
    So for me it’s not a theme-specific issue.

    What prompts the display of the plugin update indicator?
    Is there a counter in the database somewhere that I could reset with phpMyadmin?
    That would be easier than reinstalling WordPress to fix the problem.

    I haven’t included a link to the site because the problem is only visible to logged on authorised users.


    This usually happens when a theme package a plugin inside it. I still have the same issue on other (premium) theme, but I deal with it (ignore it)

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I am using the grapheme theme which used to bundle some shortcode definitions.

    In the latest version of grapheme they removed the shortcodes from the theme and packaged them as a separate plugin.

    I have that plugin installed so I tried removing it.
    That didn’t fix the problem.

    Hopefully some wordpress expert will read this and explain how the count of pending updates is calculated.
    Then we might figure out a way to resolve the problem.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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