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    Hi, my question relates to the plugin repository itself, not a specific plugin. I am a plugin developer and I tend to document the features of my plugins using the readme.txt standard, typically in the “Other Notes” tab. However, when viewed on the plugin repository here on’s website, one of my plugins’s readme file (Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer) seems to get truncated. You can see a live example of the issue as of this writing at this link. (Scroll to the end of the page and notice how it’s cut off. Then look at the sidebar and see the monospaced formatting continuing.)

    I’ve checked and double-checked that specific readme file itself, available in the SVN repo here. It seems okay?

    Is there a length limit for plugin readme files? Did I miss something obvious? What’s happening to my plugin listing?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    So, for what it’s worth, the issue here does indeed seem to be a file length restriction. By shortening the plugin’s readme.txt file, the issue was resolved. In my case, I simply truncated the Change log section and removed the version history of very old releases of the plugin.

    I don’t believe this limitation is documented anywhere else, so I hope this thread proves useful for someone who’s scratching their head over this one in the future.

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