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  • Hi,

    I am having problems with the plugin. Currently my site is no longer able to register users. Whether I have the plugin installed or not, I get the error:

    ERROR: You must drag the proper image to the circle as verification

    It seems that even when uninstalling the plugin some residual code is remaining causing registration of new users to cease completely. My blog is dead.

    Originally this plugin was installed as part of a pack called Anti-SPLOG. When other modules failed, producing an error 500 I had to remove all plugins from the site in order to restore even administrative access. This is when the problem started. Through a google search I traced the error back to this plugin, which was used only in part by the Anti-SPLOG pack (they are incidentally selling this pack for $39.99).

    I had hoped downloading the original version and installing it, and playing with the settings directly would help here. Unfortunately it is not.

    I am hoping you can assist here, as I am looking at a complete re-install of wordpress and loss of data on 5 sites that have been up for over a year due to this issue if I cannot resolve it.

    I have tried multiple themes, and am currently using the 2010 theme to troubleshoot.

    Is it an issues with port?

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